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Bitcoin Pizza Day: Winner Announcement

We are extremely blessed to have such a huge response from the community on our first ever giveaway event.

As Uniswap’s recent V3 upgrades pushed LP tokens into a similar realm of NFT tokens, we aren’t the only ones who think this is where DeFi is trending. Thank you all for partaking in the first steps of “From Niche to Mainstream”. Together we shall witness new transformation, adaptation, and applications.

Without further adieu here are the winner list:

📌The winners of the celebration Solv Vouchers are:


📌 The winners of the celebration USDT are:


📌 How to Claim

✅ Solv Voucher Winners: please private message us on Twitter within 72 hours with your Twitter name and ERC 20 wallet address.

✅ USDT Winners: please private message us on Twitter within 72 hours with your Twitter name and TRC 20 wallet address.

PLEASE NOTE: The template of Solv Vouchers for the Celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day is unique.

It should be considered as a special edition for Bitcoin Pizza Day.

But the template of certain Solv Vouchers may be changed to the template of corresponding projects once our partners issue their own Solv Vouchers on Solv mainnet.

Winning an award and getting two collections in return! ! !

Stay tuned for the official launch of Solv Voucher Marketplace ! !

*Since the issue day(May 20th) the face value of the Solv Vouchers may vary due to market fluctuations.

About Solv Protocol

Solv Protocol is the decentralized infrastructure for creating and trading Financial NFTs.Solv designed a novel and powerful token standard called versatile NFT (vNFT for short) to express Financial NFTs.

Solv Voucher Marketplace is a decentralized protocol that enables the creation and transaction of investment allocations. Solv Vouchers are a specially designed vNFT, by which the Solv Voucher Marketplace transforms lock-up allocations into splittable, composable Solv Vouchers.

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