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An FAQ for IVO

What is so special about Vesting Vouchers?

The concept of Vesting Vouchers is based on two important realities. First, native tokens are the effective means by which a crypto project connects with the users in any real sense. Secondly, the NFT as the carrier of assets has a superior capability to store and express rich and specific information inside it.

Vesting Vouchers bridges the two realities and thus enables the locking of native tokens into NFTs by anyone, any time and in any way. It’s a revolutionary DeFi invention that lets any early-stage team build strong, organic relationships with the users.

What does that have to do with the IVO?

In an Initial Voucher Offering (IVO), a team can sell token allocations to early investors via Vesting Vouchers. A successful IVO can significantly up a project’s game to build a user network that scales.

How would an IVO reward early users?

The IVO is designed to benefit both the project and its early users. As such, in the IVO, the project can offer locked tokens at a lower rate to early, individual buyers than to institutional buyers. IVOs are especially useful for early-stage projects that are yet to have a set date for the public listing, but are still looking for early, loyal investors.

The IVO sounds an awful lot like Coinlist. What’s the difference between the two?

A fair question! There are lots of similarities between an IVO and Coinlist, the most important one being that they both help teams offer vesting tokens to the public. It’s helpful to think of the IVO as a “decentralized” Coinlist, with the following advantages:

  1. More openness. Anyone with a Whitelist has a chance to purchase IVO allocations (Some projects even opt out on KYC requirements.) Trading Vesting Vouchers in the post-IVO period is supported by permissionless exchanges such as Solv Marketplace, OpenSea, etc.
  2. More flexibility. Not only can you send or receive Vouchers from other wallet addresses, but you can also use Vouchers on all NFT-supportive exchanges, lending or derivatives platforms as you would any digital asset.
  3. Better security. Since Vouchers are secured by a decentralized infrastructure, Voucher holders’ assets are safe from unwanted incidents such as having their accounts banned on a centralized platform.

What are some highlights of the Solv IVO?

  • IVO Vesting Vouchers will release tokens linearly over the period of 6 months, starting from the $SOLV public sale launch (Currently T.B.D.; no later than Q3, 2022).
  • Solv’s valuation in this round of IVO is $70M. We are looking to start the third private funding round in Q1, 2022 which might exceed $70M. This means early investors will have acquired Vouchers at an attractive rate.
  • The select Whitelist members will need to be KYC-approved in order to purchase Vouchers, and the IVO will produce 1500 to 3000 allocation holders at the end of the event, who will be part of Solv’s close-knit community!

Final note

Solv aims to create a flexible and open infrastructure that allows projects to build close-knit user networks faster, and give users the opportunity to invest at an early stage and room for upward growth. We believe that flexibility and openness brought by a solid infrastructure significantly alleviates the sense of uncertainty experienced by owners of Vesting Vouchers!

Learn more:

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Solv is a DeFi protocol which has created the first ever vNFT token standard, designed for the future of DeFi & Financial NFT’s

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