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Introducing: Dream Voucher

Dream Voucher aims to be a lightweight solution for early, tokenless blockchain projects to bootstrap community growth by rewarding the community members with the promise of future tokens.

Imagine being so far ahead of the crypto-investing game that you’re getting your share of your favorite token before institutional inves…Nay, before it’s even generated — You heard it right!

Today, we’re incredibly thrilled to announce the launch of the Dream Voucher, an all-new member of the financial NFT family.

“Only in our dreams are we free,” said Terry Pratchett. But in Dream Vouchers, we say, can we be freer.

Introducing Dream Voucher

Dream Voucher aims to be a lightweight solution for early blockchain projects that plan to create or launch tokens in the future to utilize Solv Protocol’s financial NFT infrastructure to bootstrap community growth by rewarding future tokens to the community members — today.

Highlights of this product:

  • The Dream Voucher represents a project’s promise to pay a certain amount of tokens to community members holding the Vouchers when the TGE (“Token Generation Event”) arrives.
  • Dream Vouchers will be available on Polygon as ERC-3525 tokens. (Say bye to the high gas fee!)
  • All Dream Vouchers have 90-day expirations. If the project token is launched during this period, users may return the Dream Voucher to Solv Protocol in exchange for the amount of token specified by it. Otherwise, they receive stablecoin of the equivalent value. Regardless, holders get their dues.
  • The numerical value displayed on the Dream Voucher stands for the user’s reward credit in terms of the project token or stablecoin worth one US dollar. All in all, we think value matters, not currency. (For example, “10” would mean either $10 worth of project token, 10 USDC, or 10 USD&$#, etc.)

Dream Panels: Where the Action is — for Now

Currently, the easiest way to get the Dream Voucher is by participating in Solv Protocol’s Dream Panels, a series of regularly-held small-group panel talks held in the Solv’s Discord community where community members are exposed to promising Web3 protocols and empowered through lucrative rewards!

As the Dream Voucher’s adoption grows, we expect Solv’s partner projects to become their own event organizers gradually and rule-makers for the what’s and how’s for their Dream Voucher distributions.

(The data listed reflects the key metrics for the three Dream Panels held since June 14, 2022)

“To form partnership with Solv means gaining marketing exposure to upwards of one million sophisticated and DeFi-literate investors, and the easiest way to get there is by minting the Dream Voucher so your investors could be rewarded in the future for being a part of your community today, ” said Doreen, COO of Solv Protocol.

If you are a protocol and interested in adopting the Dream Voucher to distribute rewards, contact Doreen on Telegram via @Doreen0914.

Whitelisted users can claim their Dream Vouchers on the Solv dApp. Please join our Discord server (the #upcoming channel) and Notion portal for announcements regarding the claiming of the Dream Voucher!

About Solv Protocol

Solv Protocol is a decentralized marketplace for trading and creating financial NFTs and other Web3 digital assets.

Featured assets of the Solv marketplace include Vesting Voucher, an allocation management fundraising tool, Convertible Voucher, a structured product allowing DAOs to leverage native tokens, Bond Voucher, the first market-tested debt instrument in DeFi that helps DAOs tap into the debt capital markets, and Dream Voucher, a lightweight solution for untokenized projects to bootstrap their communities.

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