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IVO: A Beginner’s Guide

What is IVO?

Initial Voucher Offering, or IVO, refers to the process of offering a project’s allocations to the public in a Voucher issuance. An IVO allows public to become early investors of a project. Once a project’s Voucher offering starts, the Vouchers issued will be listed on Solv’s IVO marketplace for sale.*

*Whitelisting rules may apply. Refer to your project’s official announcement for details.


The Voucher is a type of financial NFT that represents the right to claim tokens on Solv platform based on a set of rules, at a later date. More specifically, an issuing project locks up native tokens into Solv Protocol’s smart contract in exchange for Vouchers minted at Solv platform that represent the right to claim the tokens.

Later, whoever holds a Voucher may claim tokens, freely split, merge, trade or transfer the Voucher on the Solv platform.

How to Participate in IVO?

We’ve prepared a list of terms below to help investors familiarize the IVO process.

Explore Solv Voucher sales in the IVO marketplace

1.Unit Price

The unit price for each token. The price of the Voucher is calculated by multiplying the unit price and the number of tokens purchased.

2. Participation Requirement

A project may have whitelist requirements in place. So we advise that you confirm with the project in advance about your eligibility to make a purchase.

3. Duration

Duration refers to the period between the start and end of the IVO.

4. Release Mode

There are currently are three modes by which tokens can be released in the future: linear release, staged release and one-time release.

5. Release Start Date

The start date for the token release. A visible start date indicates that a project already has a scheduled release start date in place. A project without a release start date will provide a latest date on which the tokens will release.

6. Vesting Period

Vesting Period refers to how long it takes to unlock all tokens from the Voucher.

7. Purchase Limit

The maximum amount of Vouchers available for purchase. This number helps users find out whether the issuing project has imposed a purchase limit for Vouchers, and, if it has, the exact amount available for purchase.

Once the purchase is successful, you may view your Voucher holdings on “My Asset” page.

What can you do with Vouchers bought in the IVO?

We have a marketplace where you can do all secondary market activities with Vouchers.

1. Freely trading and transferring Vouchers in the marketplace

On Solv Marketplace (secondary market), users are able to list Vouchers for transfers or buy Vouchers that are listed for sale.

2. Converting Vouchers you own into Vesting Vouchers

Once the issuing project has a release start date ready, users can convert previously purchased Vouchers (classified under “Flexible Vouchers” on “My Asset” page) to Vesting Vouchers right away, using the “Convert” function.

3. Claiming Tokens

When tokens start unlocking, users can claim tokens released from the Voucher which can be located in the “Vesting Voucher’ section of “My Asset” page.

The Future of the IVO

Solv’s IVO marketplace provides a permissionless solution for investors to purchase a project’s allocations and gives anyone–not just institutional investors–a prospect of participating in the funding of early-stage projects. By offering Vouchers at a low rate, projects are given a chance to form a closer bond with the early-user community. In a word, the IVO can be the ultimate solution for any financing purpose, combining the level of flexibilty and efficiency matched by none.

After the IVO event, Solv Protocol is en route to rolling out more types of Vouchers compatible with the IVO marketplace, which will make both financing and community building even more feasible and enjoyable. Stay tuned!

About Solv

Founded in 2020, Solv Protocol is a decentralized marketplace for the minting and trading of NFTs that represent financial ownership, also known as “Vouchers”. Solv aims to resolve one of the most pressing problems in the emerging field of DeFi — the absence of an efficient and flexible tool to express complicated financial contracts. And by bringing Vouchers to the table, Solv offsets that gap.

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