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Solv Protocol Adds Incentives For DeFi Projects To Join The Seahorse Initiative

Solv Protocol will implement an incentive program for its’ Seahorse Initiative partners to mint and trade vouchers actively. The duration of the incentive program will last 3–6 months, and will officially kick off around mid-august with the specific incentives being determined on a monthly basis based on market feedback during the previous month. Exact details of a starting date will be announced at a later time.

The plan for the first month of the program contains 4 different types of incentives as follows:

Rewards for the First 50 Projects

As incentive for encouraging DeFi projects to mint vouchers on both Ethereum and BSC, rewards will be given to each of the first 50 projects that mint their respective vouchers via Solv’s technology. Projects must apply to be eligible for the rewards and they will be sent out once the application is verified and the minting process has been completed.

Details of the rewards are as follows:

(Please Note: Rewards for the first 50 projects will continue until all incentives are given out, not only for the first month.)

Rewards for TVL

Rewards for Auctioning Vouchers

Details of the rewards are as follows:

Rewards for Purchasing Vouchers

All rewards will be distributed in the form of vouchers (with SOLV tokens):

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