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Solv Protocol Launches “In Search of the Seahorse Keep” NFT Medals Campaign

As a celebration of Solv Protocol’s anniversary of its deployment to the Ethereum mainnet, we’re incredibly thrilled to announce the “In Search of the Seahorse Keep” NFT medals campaign, drawing its naming and backstory from Solv’s partnership program, Seahorse Initiative.

The theme of the campaign revolves around 7 tiered NFT medals based on 7 imaginary titles representing the Seahorse Keep’s society, called “Seahorse Medals”: (from the bottom up) , , , , , , and .

Seahorse Medals are your personal, unique badges of honor testifying to your level of commitment to the Solv Protocol community. These beautifully-designed collectibles are not only an excellent addition to your existing NFT collections but also may empower you for lucrative rewards in the future! Let’s check them out.








Minting the Seahorse Medals

In the full form of the campaign, we’ll unlock a total of five “talents” — , , , , and — representing the avenues in which participants can qualify for the minting of the Seahorse Medals. Though you only need one talent to unlock your medals, we strongly recommend expanding your skillsets to maximize the medals you can earn.


  • “Wealth” is a talent measured by the total value of your $SOLV Flexible Voucher(s) at a given snapshot, in terms of SOLV tokens.
  • Snapshots for held SOLV Vouchers are taken on the 17th of each month starting June 17, 2022.


  • “Loyalty” is a talent measured by the number of “OATs” (On-chain Achievement Tokens) that you’ve earned from attending Solv’s routine community events such as Dream Panels and community calls.
  • Snapshots for OATs are taken on the 17th of each month starting June 17, 2022.

Coming Soon…


  • “Charisma” is a talent measured by your ability to grow the Solv Discord members through promotion.



  • “Tradesmanship” is a talent measured by the total volume traded in Vouchers.

If you have any questions about this campaign, do not hesitate to reach out to us in Discord.

About Solv Protocol

Solv Protocol is a decentralized marketplace for minting, trading, and managing NFTs that represent financial rights. Solv has offered Vesting Voucher, an allocation management fundraising tool, Convertible Voucher, a structured product allowing DAOs to leverage native tokens, and Bond Voucher, the first market-tested debt instrument in DeFi that helps DAOs tap into the debt capital markets.

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