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Solv Quiz on Seahorse Initiative for $PROM Voucher & $300 Rewards

Solv will Give Away $300 to our Official Global Community Members in The Upcoming Quiz Event on Aug 29th, 13:00 UTC🥳!

Hey our awesome Solv Community!

We are excited to announce that we are giving away $300 for the winners in our upcoming Solv Community Quiz Challenge — to find out who knows most of the details of our Seahorse Initiative!

For this specific challenge, it’s simple. Your goal is to complete all of the tasks required and answer all of the questions correctly.

Challenge Details

Your objective: To complete all requirements & answer all of the questions in this quiz correctly.

Prizes: 15 $PROM worth of Vouchers given to Top 3 winners & $300 USDT for Top 10 winners. The locked period of the vouchers are 14 days and will be released on the linear mode starting from next Monday. Current price of $PROM is $18.75. Winners are only required to cover a very small amount gas fees to claim their vouchers.

Total # of Winners: 10

Date & Time: Sunday, 29th of Aug 13:00 (UTC)

The Discord quiz server will be opened 2 hours prior to the start of the quiz (Aug 29th, 11:00 UTC). The Discord quiz server will close 5 minutes prior to the start of the quiz (Aug 29th, 12:55 UTC). The Solv team will thoroughly evaluate all submissions and ensure all tasks have been completed.

Winners will be awarded to the 10 people who answered the most number of questions correctly and completed all the requirements. If we have multiple people who have the same top scores, the winners will be randomly chosen.*

How to Participate

Please ensure you complete all of the following tasks…

  • Make sure to follow our Official Twitter account here
  • Retweet our Pinned Tweet here
  • Also, join our Official Telegram Channel here
  • Follow our Discord server here
  • Join our Discord quiz room on Aug 29th, 11:00 (UTC) here

Must complete all of the above tasks in order to win. Multiple entries will not be accepted.*

How to Claim Rewards:

For the Top 3 winners:

  1. DM us your wallet address and we will make a whitelist for winners & purchase amount for each address
  2. We will send you the corresponding token ID
  3. You can purchase corresponding amount of Vouchers in the Solv Marketplace at unit price of zero with a very small amount of gas fee

For Top 10 winners:

  1. DM us your wallet address


⚠️ Disclaimer: Be advised that we will never ask you for money. Make sure to follow official channels for announcements. Please be careful of scammers.⚠️


About Solv Seahorse Initiative

The Seahorse Initiative is an open community project initiated by Solv Protocol to develop the potential of vouchers as Financial NFT in the crypto world for forward-thinking teams and projects.

The Seahorse Initiative’s application remains open — for project leaders interested in being a part of Seahorse Initiative, please fill out this form. Once it’s received, our team will reach out to you.

Want more #Solv related news, updates, and announcements? Then follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group!




Solv is a DeFi protocol which has created the first ever vNFT token standard, designed for the future of DeFi & Financial NFT’s

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