Solv Vouchers officially launches on Binance Smart Chain For Seahorse Initiative

This marks a true cross-chain feature for Solv as assets from multiple blockchains are now accepted

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Solv Protocol
3 min readAug 5, 2021


Solv Vouchers has successfully deployed smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!

This allows BSC projects to manage token liquidity via fractionalized NFTs(i.e vouchers).Solv Vouchers officially launched on the Ethereum MainNet on June 17 and has been operating steadily for nearly two months as DODO, NAOS Finance, Saffron Finance, Parsiq, Bounce, Ankr, and other Ethereum projects have joined the Solv Seahorse Initiative. Through our cooperation with these partners, we have successfully found unique use cases for vouchers in community incentives, financing, and token liquidity management for projects.

Now, Solv will expand to different ecosystems, allowing projects and users on different public chains to enjoy the same flexibility and simplicity to manage their locked-up tokens and derive liquidity through Solv Vouchers. BSC is the first stop on Solv’s multi-chain initiative. We welcome projects from BSC to join the Seahorse Initiative.

Solv provides solutions for the following scenarios to projects:

1. Vesting token management. Projects can mint their vesting tokens into vouchers, which are splittable and composable for fractionalized trading and lending.

2. Fundraising with vouchers. While doing their IDOs with spot tokens, projects can simultaneously auction their vouchers (locked-up tokens) to provide users with different token options.

3. Distributing vesting tokens to community members at a very low cost. Vouchers (locked-up tokens) could be used for airdrop and liquidity mining, thus establishing closer interactions for projects and their users.

We believe that with the low gas fees and high activity on BSC, vouchers will further unlock their potential and bring new applications to the BSC ecosystem.

Solv Vouchers Roadmap

The Solv team is pushing forward with further project construction and product development step by step in accordance with the roadmap. While expanding to different blockchains,we will constantly launch new product lines to meet the diversified demand of projects to manage locked-up tokens.

Solv Seahorse Initiative

The Seahorse Initiative is an open community project created by Solv Vouchers to develop the potential of vouchers as Financial NFTs in the crypto world for forward-thinking teams and projects. Solv provides incentives to participants in the first phase of the voucher program. Projects that mint, issue, auction and trade vouchers are all eligible for Solv’s incentives.

The Seahorse Initiative’s application remains open — for project leaders interested in being a part of Seahorse Initiative, please fill out this form. Once it’s received, our team will reach out to you.

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