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Solv ✕ YIN: IVO As Olympus Pro

YIN Finance has plans to offer $YIN Vesting Vouchers worth $100,000 to the retail investors recurringly through the Solv IVO

Asset Offered: $YIN Vesting Vouchers

Value: $100,000 USD

Offering Dates (4 rounds):

April 10–13, April 13–16, April 16–19, April 19–21

Vesting Period (each round): 10 Days

Solv and YIN Communities!

YIN Finance has plans to offer $YIN Vesting Vouchers worth $100,000 to the retail investors recurringly through the Solv IVO, and the funds raised from the offering will be allocated entirely to the market making at DODO.

IVO As Olympus Pro can supply capital to the protocol in exchange for its locked-up native tokens at a discounted price, for a very short vesting period. This will result in protocol-controlled liquidity and the security of the protocol. A true win, win for all.

Benefit for the Community

  1. Opportunity to buy native tokens at better prices

Benefits for the Protocol

  1. Diversify treasury to fund operations and achieve protocol objectives
  2. Leverage native tokens for long-term liquidity
  3. Achieve rapid community growth (as offering through Solv introduces new users into the ecosystem)

Assuming you’ve noticed the naming convention of this event, Yin’s IVO features an innovative fundraising model in a way that is similar to Olympus Pro–but much better. Here’s what Solv offers that Olympus Pro doesn’t:

  1. Zero transaction fee. The listing protocol receives full transaction fee refund in the form of Solv Vouchers.
  2. Flexible vesting period. The listing protocol can set any vesting schedule they please.

Highlights of this offering

Risk Disclosure Purchasing vesting vouchers is a form of investing in the tokens. Please do your own research and users are advised to exercise caution and only risk funds they can afford to lose.

About Yin Finance

YIN Finance is a multi-strategy NFT liquidity management platform that allows users to subscribe to the project’s various strategies to achieve effective high-yield liquidity management. YIN Finance aims to provide proactive liquidity management services on different public chains and decentralized exchanges. Currently, YIN Finance is deployed on Ethereum and will be deployed on Polygon and Solana soon.

Follow YIN Finance on social media to stay updated about all upcoming events and announcements.

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About Solv

Solv Protocol is a decentralized marketplace for minting, trading and managing NFTs that represent financial rights in DeFi. The protocol aims to utilize the power of financial NFTs to resolve one of the most pressing problems in the emerging DeFi: the absence of an efficient and flexible tool to express complicated financial contracts.

Solv’s current financial NFT products are Vesting Voucher, an NFT that represents ownership of allocation, and Convertible Voucher, a bond-like NFT featuring a redemption method which hinges on a price range and the future price of the underlying asset.

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