We have completed our Series A🍾

Greetings all and a toast to all of you who have joined us thus far as we celebrate that we have completed our Series A funding round, led by Blockchain Capital, Sfermion and gumi Cryptos Capital

Solv Protocol Team
Solv Protocol
3 min readDec 1, 2021


This week marks the latest milestone in our journey to pioneer the use of Vouchers as a vehicle to bring liquidity to project allocations. We are proud to announce that we have completed a $4 million raise in our Series A!

This round was led by numerous venture investors including Blockchain Capital, Sfermion, and gumi Cryptos Capital. We have also received immense support from foundations including DeFi Alliance, TheLao, CMT Digital, CMSholdings, Apollo Capital, Shima Capital, SNZ Holding, Zonff Partners and HASH CIB, with The Spartan Group and Axia8 Ventures being co-investors.

The funding will give us a head start in securing a foothold in the “Voucher Finance” space within DeFi. Because of this Series A, we will be able to scale up our recruiting of top talent, launch new products around our Vouchers and expand our global resource network.

We look forward to being able to execute on our mission to expedite the building of a “Voucher Finance” ecosystem and further mature the DeFi sector’s infrastructure.

Since our founding in October 2020 by Mike Meng, Will Wang, and Ryan Chow, our young company has added numerous prominent DeFi partners to our ecosystem. These partners include DODO, Impossible Finance, Highstreet, ColdStack, Yin Finance, Saffron Finance, and many others. Moreover, we are cross-chain, meaning that our Vouchers are compatible with our DeFi partners operating on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. We are excited to use this funding to further expand our ecosystem and support promising projects in the DeFi space.

Our flagship product, Vesting Vouchers, has been utilized by 20 partner projects so far as a part of our Seahorse Initiative, and it’s no wonder why! The Vesting Voucher provides the means for a more liquid and efficient allocation OTC market and for community building, which is pretty mind-blowing if we may say so ourselves.

Highlights since the launch of our Vesting Vouchers product include 19 distinct project tokens locked, $77M in total asset volume, and over 1500 unique Voucher holders’ addresses that have participated on Solv Marketplace. And these numbers are expected to grow substantially.

We expect to officially launch Solv’s IVO (Initial Voucher Offering), listing “Vesting Vouchers” that represent Solv allocations, on December 13th, 2021.

The Solv listing will be made available to the public. To learn more about the listing, visit our Twitter and join our Telegram.

About Solv

Founded in 2020, Solv Protocol is a decentralized marketplace for the minting and trading of NFTs that represent financial equity and complex ownership, also known as “Vouchers”. Solv aims to resolve one of the most pressing problems in the emerging field of DeFi — the absence of an efficient and flexible tool to express complicated financial contracts. And by bringing Vouchers to the table, Solv offsets that gap.

Solv’s team consists of blockchain evangelists & key opinion leaders, seasoned architects in FinTech & blockchain, and veteran DeFi and token researchers.

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Solv Protocol Team
Solv Protocol

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