Malta Blockchain Summit Recap

On November Solve.Care attended the Malta Blockchain Summit on November 1–2 in St Julian’s, Malta. Over 7,500 attendees had a chance to visit our booth to learn more about Solve.Care’s blockchain-powered solution and the change it brings to the global healthcare administration.

During the first day of Malta Blockchain Summit, CEO Pradeep Goel gave a couple of interviews to the prominent blockchain-connected media and participated in the Blockchain as a Catalyst for Change panel at the conference.

The second day of Malta Blockchain Summit couldn’t have been more successful for the Solve.Care team.

The workshop with CEO Pradeep Goel “Making healthcare simple for every man, woman, and child” gathered a full room of people interested in the ways Solve.Care implements blockchain into healthcare. Pradeep shared his experience with blockchain through the lens of his over 26 years of experience in healthcare and as an advisor to two U.S. Presidents.

Solve.Care booth has been a subject of interest of hundreds of attendees of the conference. At the booth, every visitor could take a photo with Solve.Care Superheroes and ask our team all burning questions about Solve.Care platform.

Since the event, Solve.Care has been also negotiating partnership opportunities with the large ventures of healthcare and Fintech industries.

The Malta Blockchain Summit gathered distributed ledger technology’s brightest stars on the Blockchain Island for two days of exploring the connections between government and the blockchain industry. It was a perfect place to examine the issues that affect modernization via blockchain. The Summit is the place to “debate the potential applications of blockchain across a myriad of industries such as health, entertainment, government, and banking.” Solve.Care has done its part in showing the possibilities that exist in healthcare administration.