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Aug 24, 2017 · 2 min read

Meet Solve.Care Foundation, we are the team building Solve.Care platform and we believe that it will redefine the future of healthcare and benefit administration, in the US and globally.

In the US alone, healthcare and benefit administration costs more than $3,200,000,000,000 yearly. But the model is so complex that no one seems to understand how it works; and even fewer seem to like it. Current benefits system is centralized and full of highly inefficient data silos resulting in duplication of effort, waste and abuse.

Additionally, around the world, there are many counties where the level of healthcare could be improved through better consumer engagement and care coordination. Millions of citizens around the world don’t have access to information about basic treatment of common diseases such as diabetes. Such outcomes are unacceptable in a modern world. Benefits should benefit people, not disappoint them at each step of the complicated path or leave them without necessary care.

We are building a real platform that simplifies the process and uses tax payers’ money more effectively. It connects all the parties, automates transactions, provides personalized information to those who need it and helps them manage their care related decisions.

We are working on this platform at Solve.Care, with the mission to create a truly decentralized and synchronized platform that uses Blockchain and smart contracts to remove many barriers on the way to care delivery, care coordination, data ownership and care accessibility.

Our CEO has worked with insurance companies, employer sponsored benefits and US government programs related to healthcare, benefits and financial administration for more than 25 years and has built several successful technology companies. As we create this platform, we are leveraging the extensive experience in designing, implementing, integrating and maintaining healthcare systems of our leadership team. We are very good at developing software using a distributed global team model, at keeping costs down and maximizing the efficiency of capital.

Now we are excited to share our vision whitepaper with you. Please let us know if you have any feedback, it is always appreciated.

The Solve.Care team


Redefining the future of healthcare and benefit administration, in the US and around the world

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We write about how Solve.Care is redefining the cost and convenience of healthcare around the world.


Redefining the future of healthcare and benefit administration, in the US and around the world

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