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May 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Pipeline Progress

We are in the midst of partnership and client discussions in US, Canada, Middle East and North Africa.
Our pipeline spans 4 continents and is rapidly growing. Our business development bandwidth is also expanding by the virtue of partnerships that allow us to target clients in different healthcare sectors. As a result, our use cases have expanded to include payers/insurers, employers, pharmaceutical sector, and clinical delivery organizations. We will announce new partnerships as we conclude contracts and reach consensus on public statements.

ACN Progress

We launched Care.Wallet for doctors and care providers. Our team is on the ground in Phoenix working closely with ACN team and providing support and gathering feedback from end users that include doctors, office staff and hospital workers. We are thrilled at the positive feedback and great ideas on making Care.Wallet user experience even better in future releases.
ACN is working with Solve.Care very closely to plan the various phases of the launch and ACN leadership has been very complimentary of our team and product.

Token Sale Audit Progress

Looking at the progress made so far, we are projecting completing the audit and adjustment process in 3 weeks. Audit certification may take longer as we are reliant on availability and schedule of 3 rd party auditors. We realize that many of you are waiting anxiously for the wallets to be opened and we are doing everything we can to complete this audit, so we can safely unlock
the CAN wallets.

Product Roadmap Acceleration

Encouraged by the successful launch of provider Care.Wallet, we are reviewing our roadmap for accelerating the consumer Care.Wallet release. We will keep you informed as the availability of consumer Care.Wallet is of considerable interest and value to every single CAN token holder
around the globe.

New Corporate Website

Marketing team is now shifting the focus on the client and solution focused website that will support our partnerships and business development activities. Work has begun on the planning and design of the new corporate website for Solve.Care. Stay tuned for updates.

Industry Events

Solve.Care attended an InsureTech conference last week in Boston that resulted in a new partnership pursuit. Many more conferences focused on Healthcare and Blockchain are planned for the rest of the year.

Solve.Care and ACN have sponsored and presented at the VA Healthcare summit in Washington DC this week. Veterans Administration is the second largest federal agency and is responsible for handling care and wellbeing for all US veterans.

I am proud and excited to state that ACN CEO Dr. David Hanekom, Dr. David Randall and I presented at this summit that was attended by executives of VA and other federal agencies such as Department of Defense and Department of Agriculture.

We have showcased Care.Wallet and discussed how our healthcare solution on Blockchain and our partnership with ACN can improve access, accountability and outcomes for the veterans across the US.

Team Growth and Office Move

We continue to attract and hire great talent to our team. We are moving to a larger (and cheaper) office on May 29 to accommodate the growth of our team and be prepared for the multiple client visits planned in June and July.


Even though we concluded the token sale just a while ago, the amount of progress we are making on product, pipeline, delivery and growth is phenomenal. I have started and built several companies in the past that were on top of the INC 500 fastest growing companies lists. No company accomplished as much and better than what Solve.Care team is accomplishing every week. I am very proud of the Solve.Care team and its dedication and accomplishments.


Redefining the future of healthcare and benefit administration, in the US and around the world

Solve.Care Blog

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We write about how Solve.Care is redefining the cost and convenience of healthcare around the world.


Redefining the future of healthcare and benefit administration, in the US and around the world

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