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What is Care.Community?

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Dec 18, 2017 · 1 min read

Care.Community is a community of people involved in healthcare. These are:

Clients (doctors, insurance companies, pharmacies, etc.) who will use Solve.Care platform and publish Care.Cards;
Developers who will develop Care.Cards for the community;
Integrators who can expand Solve.Care protocol and platform and do things that developers or publishers cannot do.

In addition, the community also involves domain experts to check the work and keep an eye on the system:

Reviewers who will make sure the Care.Cards submitted for publishing provide correct information to users;
Financiers who will make sure that the right payments have been paid to the right people;
Analytics to make sure the right thing is being made and for the right reason and for the right amount;
Quality assurance experts to evaluate how effective was a patient’s treatment, if it was necessary, if the patient got what they were supposed to get and so on.

So any professional somehow related to healthcare may use our Solve.Care platform to improve healthcare for everyone, everywhere.


Redefining the future of healthcare and benefit…

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We write about how Solve.Care is redefining the cost and convenience of healthcare around the world.


Redefining the future of healthcare and benefit administration, in the US and around the world

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