Should You Go Out This Weekend?

“It’s the only free time you’ll have for yourself!”

I’ll have to write another article to explain how “Girlboss” really applies here. BUT IT DOES.

The week goes by quick. There are dozens of things I know I need to get done. Things I should be doing. Things that if I can’t do today, I will have to find another time to do them. And it is so tempting to want to do all of them over the weekend.

You know what I’m talking about, but I’ll be more specific:

There’s the book I want to finish reading.
There’s the book I want to start reading.
There’s the dinner I wanna cook from scratch.
There are the articles I wanna write.
There are the online courses I have to finish.
There are the topics I want to research.
There is the list of self-help stuff my friend asked me for.
There is the channel I want to start building.
There is the TV show I wanna finish watching.


On my way home from work, something magical happens.

I remember my friends. I remember my family. I remember there are people in my life, and that there are tons of fun things happening — especially over the weekend.

Instead of cherishing my relationships, why would I lock myself up at home and spend every second of my free time trying to “become a better person” and figure out life all by myself?

And also, how many times I cancelled all my plans to stay home and work on something — and ended up watching tons of Netflix and being up all night playing League of Legends anyway?

Maybe we all need to allow our minds to unwind. Maybe, just maybe, it is possible to work through our days without feeling so stressed and drained out.

Maybe we can go through those 40 hours a week without letting it drain us.

Maybe I can simply meet my demands one by one, as they present themselves before me.

Maybe instead of worrying about how on Earth am I supposed to ever become an autonomous and successful something with some very clever idea online while juggling with a full time job and classes, I should start enjoying my relationships.

Writing and talking to people is my passion. People are my passion. Only my relationships with people can teach me what I really need to learn. I could learn a lot more from spending time with others… instead of spending a ton of time all by myself.

I’m just tired of spending so much time in my own head. Which is what I’m really doing when I’m working on said “self-improvement” projects.

Also, I find that I get better ideas when I include others in my life.

My friends, the random people I meet on the internet, the people in my family, my partners, my co-workers; they are the source of inspiration that… keeps me going!

This scene from Funny Girl always makes sob.

There are always people around. Whether you’re at work, at home, or having fun, there’s never a reason to feel like something’s missing. Everything and everyone you need is always available. And I want to be just as available, too!

In the end, I think what I really want you to take from reading this is:

Real learning and real improvements are always a shared experience.

I’ve wasted too much time worrying and working on projects hoping to “improve myself”. Perhaps the “most productive” thing to do is to actually be a better person. To feel like a better person. To allow ourselves to feel better and sustain that feeling as much as we can.

Whether that means staying at home for the night, working on your crafts, telling others how you feel about something here on Medium (cough), going out to the club and making sure none of your friends gets roofied; or snuggling under blankets and watching “Girlboss” — I don’t care.

I’m committing to my passion. I’m committing to people. I’m committing to myself. Because that’s what makes my heart feel fuzzy and happy and warm.

So should you go out this weekend?

I don’t know.

Listen to your heart.