100 Go Mistakes (2022)

Teiva Harsanyi
Jun 23, 2021 · 4 min read

In 2019, I published a post called The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes I’ve Seen in Go Projects. As the name states, it was a way to explain some of the most common mistakes made by Go developers.

This post was pretty much popular (at least for me), and I started to think that writing a book about common mistakes might be a good idea. Hence, until late 2020, I kept collecting ideas throughout my experiences, be it my own errors (yes, I’m a provider of mistakes!) or some I observed in my job or on open-source projects. I also kept investigating posts, studies, books, etc.

End of 2020, I had collected enough content to reach a symbolic number of 100 errors. Right after, I contacted Manning, and we’ve started working together on a future book called 100 Go Mistakes: How to Avoid Them.

The book’s main idea is to list 100 of the most common mistakes made by Go developers in various aspects of the language. Each mistake will be illustrated as far as possible with real-life examples. It should help Go developers in working smarter, not harder.

Today, I’d like to announce that my book has reached the MEAP state (Manning Early Access Program):

There’s still a long way to go (the book is planned for Spring 2022), but I wanted to share two things as part of this post.

First of all, a 50% off discount code, valid on all formats through June 29: mlharsanyi.

Second of all, I’d like to share the current state of the table of contents (ToC). As it’s not yet set in stone, I was very much interested in your feedback. Here is the current ToC:


Code organization:

Data structures:

Control structures:


Functions and methods:

Error management:





Anything you would have added/changed? Please let me know!

Thanks for reading.

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