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Releasing Algo Deck an Open Source Collection of Algorithmic Cards

I wanted to let you know that I just released Algo Deck. It is a free & open-source collection of +200 algorithmic cards.

Each card is a synthesized way to describe a concept. For example:

Memoization vs tabulation
Counting sort complexity, stability, use case
K-way merge technique

In total, it contains more than 200 cards in 19 different domains (complexity, techniques, data structures, etc.):

In the meantime, I also made available the Anki version of the repository.

If you don’t know Anki, it is a free software (Windows/Mac/Linux/iPhone/Android) which makes remembering things easy. It utilizes spaced repetition which is a proven technique to increase the rate of memorization:

Spaced Repetition: The most powerful study technique

The single biggest change that Anki brings about is that it means memory is no longer a haphazard event, to be left to chance. Rather, it guarantees I will remember something, with minimal effort. That is, Anki makes memory a choice.

Michael A. Nielsen, “Augmenting Long-term Memory”

Thus, using Anki is a great way to prepare your algorithm & data structure interview.

If you are interested in the Anki version of the repository cards, it is available for $14.99:

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