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Welcome back to the monthly SolydBot recap. We have been working hard behind the scenes to fix up stuff and work on new features.

Internal stuff

As you might have read it in our latest announcements within the Discord server, we had some internal issues that were urgent to fix and organize. We needed to get back on track, find a new workflow and structure our steps in the future.

Unfortunately, one of our longstanding supporters, sxhxbx, left our team. …

It’s already in the title. Transparency is very important to us and we would like to give you some insights about what happened this month and why we’re more upset than ever.

Problems over problems

We have dealt with various problems from time to time and we grew on them in the past. Every project may face some downsides and it’s on us to fix the root of the problems to prevent them for happening again.

But some problems aren’t typical and in the whole scene of “automation software” things are changing rapidly and we need to adapt even faster. …

September was one hell of a month with less ups than downs. We launched SolydBot 1.0 and started a new chapter of our project. This will be a rather short post and probably more important to our current users.


With 1.0 we reworked the whole bot structure from the ground. With that we were expecting a big boost in performance, which technically is the case. When pushing a big update like this, we weren’t really able to test out properly at scale so we obviously had to iron out bugs and are still in the progress of doing that.

Site Changes


This article will shed some light on the development and thoughts behind the past, the whole update, and the future of the project. Grab something to eat and have some chill minutes while reading this story.

The beginning

Back in October 2019, we (Philip and Kian), found ourselves in a McDonalds speaking about selling 10 lifetime licenses for the piece of software we’re making for fun. After having a good time laughing about it we kinda got serious about the joke and decided to give it a try. With around 100 Twitter followers at the time and nearly no real backup we…

You’ve read it right. SolydBot is officially transitioning to version 1.0. This recap will be a little different from the old ones since we’re introducing a new chapter in the history of SolydBot. We hope you are as happy as we are to gather some information about the future. So let’s start!

SolydBot Version 1.0 is coming this week. Every current beta user will be able to upgrade their license to a renewal plan through the dashboard. The deadline will be on the 4th of September 2020. So every user will have 4 days to decide whether they want to…

We welcome you to the monthly recap of July 2020. We have some things to talk about, especially if you are interested in the license system and what is happening to your SolydBot access.



We have started to roll out the new methods we were working on for a long time now. We are still gathering data and feedback to analyze and optimize but we are confident with the current state of the development.
Solebox, however, is currently having some difficulties. We are actively working on a lot of things and fixing Solebox again is one of them.

Performance, stability…

Welcome to the monthly recap for June 2020. This recap will be a bit shorter than the others since we had to fight with different problems in the background, more in the following.

Cooperations & Groupbuys

In June, we did not restock licenses. However, we did have a groupbuy with our friends over at Cookbeast for their anniversary. Congratulations to them and we look forward to an even more successful future!



We want to be as transparent as possible with you guys and that means we’re talking about the downsides too. SolydBot is still not in the state where we wanted it to…

We welcome you to our monthly recap of May 2020. What a crazy year so far… other than the current news, we don’t have the hottest stuff to tell you for the month of May but we hope you will still enjoy our small reflection of what happened.



This month, we focussed on working more in the background which is why there were not a lot of updates pushed out to the beta users. However, we improved a lot and — more importantly — are preparing the bot to become more lightweight, structured, and at the end of the day…

Welcome to the monthly recap for April 2020. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe during this pandemic and you are all pursuing social distancing as much as possible. With that being said, please wash your hands and enjoy reading our recap!



As mentioned in our last recap, we closed the inquires for new groupbuys. However, in May we will possibly open them up again during the month. Keep an eye on our Twitter account.

A helping hand

We have found new cooperation with our good friends over at Flex Workshop. Giving them a helping hand in providing their members…

Monthly recap, what’s that?

Hello and welcome everyone, from now on you can easily keep track of our lows and highs, statistics, milestones and other behind the scenes stuff. We want to give you as much insight into this project as possible.

If you are interested in the making and growth of SolydBot, you are more than welcome to read our articles and leave us some feedback.

Let’s start with March 2020, shall we?



Let’s begin with our cooperations of 2020s third month. In the past, we have already provided some group buys to selected cook groups but we have noticed a rapid growth…

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