Dark Side of Rational Thinking

Why Rational Thinking Is Ruining The Essence Of Human Existence?

Dark Side of Rational Thinking by Som Dutt https://medium.com/@somdutt777

It is in our nature to do things that are logical and sensible. We try to be intelligent and avoid doing things that are irrational.

We try to think with our brains and not just with our emotions. We try to know the truth of the matter, and we try to reason things through.



I am sharing my tips and philosophy to live a better life. Here I am sharing most of my life lessons, personal experieces and a way to find meaning in life.

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Som Dutt

21x Top writer in Philosophy & Psychology. I make people Think, Relate, Feel & Move. Let's Appreciate Deep, Unique & Heavy Thoughts. INSTA: @somdutt_freespirita