Movies — To Watch or Not ……

Reel vs Real (:

Movies — To Watch or Not……..

Many young people who are new Christians or folks who know Jesus “newly” ask me this question.

Do you watch movies ?

For me the answer is a clear NO! Its a no because I don’t have the kinda time it takes to watch a movie. This does not mean that spiritual people don’t watch movies! Actually they do (Not all of them though).The next question is even difficult.

Is it right/correct to watch movies ?

I have heard quite a few explanations for this question. Some spiritual folks say that its absolutely wrong! Some may even tell you its Demonic. I don’t think all movies are Demonic. Once in a while you have some good movies being released. Example : Taare Zameen Par , Bangalore Days (Comedy).

Some spiritual folks tell you that its OK to watch movies unless you get yourself involved into the character (Ex : Looking at the Actors — imagining them as you and your unknown partner and enjoying the bliss of that awesome onscreen relationship … boy! you’d understand this better if you ever did this (:

Both views are good — but sounds rather DIPLOMATIC!!!

Like most of the answers — RIGHT in the MIDDLE!!!

Here is what I think — Its very simple (: If I were to evaluate whats more important for me ? For ex : One hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament/Worship, brings great joy and peace to my soul. It fills me with thoughts of GOD and his majesty. Its more lively and happening. The whole episode is refreshing, peaceful and edifying.

On the other hand if you’d prefer to watch a movie in which the script itself is written for the sake of it (Ex : Out of 100 commercial movies, not even 5 have an original script). More than 90% of the movies have a below average storyline — with great courage I would not dare give an example. Also every time you watch a movie you fill yourself with the content of that movie (The odd scenes of intimacy, the sexual acts, the language, the life style etc).

Young people please note :

“Reel life Rocks but Real life is Misery”

I challenge you to go and read the lives (I am not even close to JUDGING them here!!) of the so called Stars/Models etc.

At the same time — time spent in front of the Blessed Sacrament or at Mass/Worship are moments of great sanctity and great joy. The more we fill ourself with the things of GOD the closer we get to HIM.

Here is a illustration of a great saint — who was addicted to the lust of the flesh. But the day he met CHRIST — The moment he had an encounter with CHRIST — He told all other temptations and lusts, that He has found something much better than the momentary pleasure these small sins have to offer.

Have you found the same “CHRIST” ?

Don’t answer me — Answer it for yourself.

Always (: Josse

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