One Application rules all

This one is for those who heal our souls — Some call them Musicians.

MUZIFYME is the one application that rules all your music publishing platforms. As an artist, your primary focus should be creating happiness thats what you do when you make good music, and leave the hassels of managing all your music publishing application on just one app.

Muzifyme — takes control of your publishing needs and empower you with control over more than 15 different music publishing platforms like youtube, beatport, soundcloud, and so on. Not just these, we are social people and we love it, which is why we also let your fans know of your latest music release on all your social media channels.

Muzifyme came to me when I was traveling, on my year long journey I met plenty of great musicians with talent beyond my words can express but my soul was touched. Most of those musicians were hidden gems waiting to be discovered however 70 percent of those were using just Youtube and Facebook to reach out to the world, and to be honest, its sad for the rest of the world and not those awesome artists, as the world is deprived of such great music.

In order to over come this problem, we decide to build an app(mobile and web) which they can use whenever they create music and can publish it everywhere it will give access to the world. I, then started working with them to understand the problems they face while publishing music and while doing that, I managed to learn a little about composing music as well. (not good at it, but its soul soothing for me)

Once I knew, what needs to be done, it was time to starting rolling things, and we started looking for code artists with aggressive interest in music. I dont know if it was the product or the cause this product was taking forward( i.e. helping those, who heal our soul, Musicians), or my strong human resources network, but we somehow managed to get a dozen product developers ready to take it to the next level.

I found myself in sync with Aman because of his will to do something out of the ordinary and we also shared the passion for the problem we are going to solve. After a few weeks, i.e. August 2015 we have our first alpha product ready to take on all the action. With time and help from more developers we will be supporting more and more media publishing platforms and for that to happen, we need you to help us reach out and let our presence felt.

We intend to be a free media publishing tool, just to help these “Soul Healers” so that they can be free of this tedious task and just focus on making more awesome music.

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