SENDIT — Sending stuff with travelers

In India, on an average, a daily of 30Million people travel inter state and more that 15 Million people send expensive item from state to state and spend huge amount of money to transfer stuff.

I have a brother who lives more than 2000 kms away, there is always something my mom thinks of sending him be it his winter clothes, a new shirt she bought or the amazing sweets she make. She always come up with something that needs to be sent all the way to Banglore from Delhi. I have a lot of friends who travel frequently and I trade them my dignity(my friends are not as good as me, they mock me for doing this) and in return the shipment reaches my brother and off course most of the times I have to drop them off to the airport.

I understood that this is a real problem which a lot of other people and a lot of moms face too. So this platform helps the sender meet travelers from their origin to destination and helps to send stuff. The terms remains the same, the sender will drop the traveler to the airport and the receiver will arrange a pick up from the airport to the city. Everyone is happy, specially my mom. I am sure she is taking out her recipes for pickles and stuff to be sent to my brother. ;)

Try this first hand, (app, not the pickles) and dude show some love, I might send a jar of pickle to your place as well.


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