Leave Your Title in the Office — Be Human

No need show your ego everywhere

© Manapasun_thode_kahi

I frequently go to a restaurant, know almost everyone working there by their names and always chat with them, mostly in their local language. All they know is I am a regular, who is friendly with them.

One day, somehow the manager came to know about my position in the organization and said, “You never show who…




Spend a minute to go through some learnings, some thoughts, some tips coming mostly from experience but definitely deep from the heart. A heart to heart talk, to share something which is positive, something which hopefully will be helpful some day to many.

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Shashi Kulkarni

Shashi Kulkarni

I love to share from the experience gained over the years, and I am sure you will find it useful. I call it heartfelt sharing, with love.

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