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Happy (Your) Momma’s Day, You Crusty, Old, Stank Ass…

Celebrating another round, 2022

Don’t mess with this momma!

It’s that time of year again. I almost missed it but there’s still time.

I’m writing this at 6:23 pm on Mother’s Day Eve.

Does it always come this early in May?

I think the powers in place strategically schedule Mother’s Day in a way for children to disappoint their moms.

Thanks to a Pandora popup ad, I‘ll have just enough time to write a few quickies and send out that e-card before it’s too late.

Your Momma Jokes, 2022

Your momma’s so round, she don’t fart, she fats cause she got no arse.

Your momma’s so ugly, between her and the seasick crocodile, I thought she was the crocodile.

Your momma’s so skinny, when she pole dances, she disappears each time she spins around.

Your momma’s so stupid, I asked her how she spells her name and she was like “h-e-r-n-a-m-e”.

Your momma’s so smart, naaahhh!!!

Your momma’s so fat, her anthem at the buffet is Shakira’s Try Everything.

Your momma’s breath smells so bad, they named Don’t Breathe after her.

Your momma’s so stupid, I told her Halloween falls on a Friday the 13th this year and she was like “Damn, that shit’s crazy. I wouldn’t want to be out trick or treating on that day!”

Thanks for letting me get these “Your Momma’s” off my chest. Speaking of, get your momma off my chest, her nanna is ill caca.

It’s now 6:47 pm and I’m out. Happy Mother’s Day.




Publishing more of the stuff other pubs consider less desirable; like single-panel cartoons (but not limited to), jokes — a place for writers like myself who want to be able to post a funny one-liner, odd or no form format pieces (experimental), and anything wacky or humorous.

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