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I’m Bout Ready to NFT Ma MF’n Balls and Ma Nuts

I been thinkin a lotta bout it

Photo by Andrey Metelev on Unsplash

I found this website. It takes expensive works of art and turns them into affordable NFT pieces of art by breaking ’em up into smaller pieces and shit. It’s like you can buy an individualized part of the whole.

Ma Balls

It got me thinking and I already thought a lot about ma balls before I found this website — what if I did the same thing as the art website but like, with ma balls?

So I decided to put both ma balls and ma nuts, whichever you prefer, up for an NFT-style auction. And you know this ain’t no joke cause I wouldn’t joke about ma balls and nuts.

Get your Crypto out. We’re about to begin…

Photo by Art Rachen on Unsplash

and don’t forget to add em to your shopping cart.

add a nut or a ball to your cart. image

Here we go.

In Lot #1, Up for NFT Auction, Ma Balls!

As you can see not everybody is happy about this venture. image

Let’s start the bidding, shall we?

Do I hear 10 Cryptos? 10? 10? 10? Anyone? 10? Anyone???

I see a 10 over there from the man in the corner staring at my balls.

Yeah Mister, you want these balls, don’t you?

Do I hear 20? 20? 20? Anyone? 20???

20! To the lady who looks like she may already have a set of her own.

We have an interested buyer on the phone. We got an offer for 30 Cryptos from a buyer on the phone.

We have an interested buyer — it looks like — India! image

On deck — Ma Nuts!

Wait, is that a ball or a nut? image

Do I hear 40? 40? 40?

Wait a minute! We just got a large bid from an unknown buyer for ma entire ball and nut collection! We haven’t even started on the nuts.


Congratulations to the lucky person out there who is now the proud owner of my entire NFT’d collection of balls and nuts!!!! What-a-world!

careful with ma nuts. image



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