The Pointing Finger

I feel the rush through my body.
Standing there in front of the pointing finger 
Directed at me.

I feel blamed,
I feel criticized,
I feel judged,
Even after ALL my attempts, 
To prevent the situation in question.

“You shouldn’t have…”
“Next time you should…”
“Why didn’t you…”

Yet all of this is resistance,
Futility grasping for control,
I see that now.

Because we cannot change the flow
Of what was meant to be.
The universe has its own plans.

We’re here to see.
To witness.
Each other.

It all.

And in that moment of seeing…
I remember
the many times,
when I have been the one
behind the pointing finger.

What a gift now.
To remember.
And see more clearly
To remember.

We’re here to experience
To take responsibility
For our fear, 
suppressed anger,

So my friends,
Shall we focus on the details?
And struggle with each other?

Or embrace the soft whisper within
Inviting us to examine the 
and reasons,
we hold so tightly
that form
our pointing fingers
in the first place.

Poem by Jacqueline du Plessis


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