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After almost 7 years, Brlog has come to a full stop.

This, very special time — at least in my mind — represents a complex layers of memories, laughter, work, hallway moments, teammates, all-nighters, parties, growing up, presentations, elections, and most importantly, people. I’d like to thank some of them.

Thank you.

Thank you, Davor and Nikola for seeing the potential in a freelancer, still attending school. In providing the opportunities, the wisdom, and the platform.

Thank you, che for being a true partner and a friend. This ride wouldn’t have been fun (or possible) without you.

Thank you, Bruno for joining me, when it was still only me. I still miss your objective design comments (and the slippers).

Thank you, Srđan for coming up with ideas out of thin air. For your choice of words. For being the soul of the company. For being with us for the entire ride. It sure was bumpy.

Thank you, Mirko for warming up our office in the morning, and for building my crazy idea for an iOS app.

Thank you, Sanja for you expertise, smiles and cheese.

Thank you, Zokxx for teaching us about Amberjacks and responsiveness.

Thank you, Tonči for taking ideas and pushing them.

Thank you, Jasna for jumping in the fire, managing projects when it was needed the most.

Thank you, Sandro for speaking with your own visual voice, and doing a kickass job at it.

Thank you, Sanja for running the company when I wasn’t there.

Thank you, Ante, Hrvoje, Mario, Bozidar, dominik, Zdenko, Ivan, Panic.

Thank you to all the people that joined after I was there no more. You helped keep the spirit very much alive.

Thank you, Vesna.

Thank you, Jelena for having the energy and always finding the right words.

Thank you to our Finances — Maja, Zrinka and Thomas.

Thank you to our Accounts over the years — Marija, Ivanka, Martina. Thanks Sanja for guiding them (and us sometimes).

Thank you Brandoctor for the insights and through-the-wall laughs.

Thank you Brigada for relentlessly trying to collaborate with us.

Brlog was a digital agency I cofounded in 2009, when I established a partnership with a regional leader, an independent Advertising agency with over 400 international design awards — Bruketa&Zinic OM. Over the course of 6 years, Brlog won 18 awards and supported clients that ranged from NGOs to leading political parties, from startups to Croatia’s largest corporations.

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Tin Kadoic
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