He Had It Comin’: Joaquín Bondoni’s Recent Successes in the Spotlight

Months after the conclusion of his part in Emilio Osorio‘s PerfecTour, Joaquín Bondoni is still shining in the spotlight and making his mark on the world.

Megan Ayers
May 2, 2020 · 6 min read

On February 27th in Naucalpan, Mexico, Bondoni took his final bow and embarked on the journey to further launch his solo career; ready to take on the world with many glimmering projects.

Joaquin Bondoni’s Calendar cover featuring him in a turtleneck and a checkered cap, looking at the “2020" in purple glitter
Bondoni’s 2020 Calendar released at the end of 2019 for purchase in his online store.

Three months prior, on November 30th, fans of Bondoni finally learned the reason behind his hints at “11/19” starting in late August. Bondoni announced in a sparkling video the release of a calendar for 2020 featuring him in various kinds of outfits ranging from one of his iconic crop tops to a winter coat and sunglasses. The calendar is sold on his own site on Kichink.com and is available for shipping to all of his fans in and outside of Mexico. Bondoni also began The Purple Tour, hosting signings in major cities of Mexico such as Cancun, Querétaro, and Guadalajara and meeting adoring fans who support him and his blossoming career. Mexico was not the only place affected by “Fiebre Morada” (“Purple Fever”). He and his team also traveled to Spain in mid-January. They hosted a gathering at El Retiro Park in Madrid, providing some of his international fans the chance to thank him for the big impact he has made on their lives despite being thousands of miles away. Bondoni makes sure to show every fan that he meets (and many lucky ones online) how much he loves and appreciates them, making them feel special and heard.

Joaquin Bondoni gives a speech on a stage at the Queerties Award show in a pink and floral outfit with his award in his hand
Joaquín Bondoni accepting the award for “Game Changer” at the Queerties Awards (from Queerty’s Website)

On February 25th, Bondoni won the “Game Changer” award at Queerty.com’s 2020 Queerties awards show in Hollywood, California in the USA. He won with a record-breaking number of votes, and he is the youngest person to ever win the title. The “Game Changer” award is presented to a person who, through their “unique stories and perspectives”, changed the way the world sees the LGBTQ+ community and the way people view each other. In his speech, he dedicated the award to everyone watching because they are “strong, brave, loved, and wonderful” and he thanked the voters for believing in him. Although it is now printed on a physical object, Bondoni has been a “Game Changer” for many lives long before they even announced that he was nominated for the title. He has changed many of his fans’ lives by providing them with more confidence to wear what they want by posting photos in his unique outfits, posing with confidence and power. He also has made many fans in the LGBTQ+ community feel less alone with his portrayal of “Temo” Lopez in the telenovelas Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia and Juntos, El Corazón Nunca se Equivoca. Bondoni encourages his fans to demonstrate bravery, fight for a better world through love and strength, and change the game.

Bondoni on left with shattered glass behind him, Islas on right, shattered Distorsión logo in middle, all in black in white
Poster for Distorsión directed by Enrique Pineda

It was announced in mid-February that Bondoni would be performing in the play Distorsión (directed by Enrique Pineda) alongside Mexican actor Mauricio Islas in late March. The play is about twin brothers, Federico and Francisco, both played by Bondoni, who suffer with the tragedy of the loss of their parents and are cared for by their uncle, Rafael (portrayed by Islas) who is a psychology professor at a local college. All three characters seek to find the happiness they have been missing for 12 years until their reality distorts and they lose a sense of what is right and wrong. In a recent interview with Vivalavi, Bondoni said that the play is about “how you can never stay quiet and store feelings that you have to let out and express.” He hopes the story will help show people that “the important thing is to never get stuck in a certain place” and encourage them to “seek help, listen, and fight for people to listen and understand [them]” and not lose hope, because hope can be found. Due to COVID-19, the play, set to open at Tepeyac Theater on March 26th, has been postponed with hopes of opening soon to share this surreal story. Bondoni, Islas, and the team of Distorsion also hope to take the play to Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and the United States. The production will also feature a song sung by Bondoni that he has avoided fully discussing so the mystery stays alive. His comedic tactics of avoiding answering questions about the song, such as ducking below the shot and pretending he didn’t hear the interviewer, leave fans clutching to the short clips they have already, eager to hear more soon. The play will be a change of pace from Bondoni’s lighter works in his past projects, but it will no doubt be captivating and breathtaking, leaving audiences wanting more.

#30DíasBondoni by “Team Purple Gress
#30DíasDeJoaquín by the “Banangress Team

In the weeks leading up to his 17th birthday on May 8th, many fans have been partaking in “__ Days of Joaquín” trends on Instagram and Twitter (largely “#30DíasBondoni” by “Team Purple Gress” on Instagram , “#30DíasDeJoaquín” by the “Banangress Team” on Instagram and Twitter, and the recent addition of “#10DiasDeJoaquín” by the “Golden Gress” team on Twitter) to share their appreciation for Bondoni. Each day, they post the daily prompt to show some of their favorite Joaquín Bondoni content such as their favorite photo of him smiling, favorite interviews he has been a part of, or a song that reminds them of him. This trend has attracted many fans from all over the world to participate and use it an excuse to appreciate him and his works. Bondoni’s fandom never misses a chance to showcase their love and admiration for him in the grandest ways possible. They lift him up, celebrate his achievements, and admire the light he brings to his fans, the people around him, and to the rest of world. It is clear that his fan base is a strong and powerful one, often getting phrases about him high on Twitter’s trending page for Mexico, and that this is only a fraction of the endless love and support that they have for him and all that he does.

This is only the beginning of Joaquín Bondoni’s strides to further make a name for himself. With his confidence and his strong team of supporters, who want to be there every step of the way, Bondoni will surely continue to break boundaries and expectations and shine bright. To quote the American musical, Chicago (and to paraphrase a bit): “The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be: J O A Q U Í N.”

To stay updated on the many many events to come in Joaquín Bondoni’s career, you can find updates on @JBondoniStore’s Instagram and Twitter, @JBondoniNews’s Instagram and Twitter, or even his own Instagram and Twitter.

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