Welcome to Something Swiss — a lifestyle & travel blog about Switzerland

Explore Switzerland through the eyes of an expat

Welcome to Something Swiss — a lifestyle & travel blog about Switzerland, as seen through the eyes of an expat.

Ascher Guesthouse — Appenzell, Switzerland

The summer after college graduation, I packed my bags and moved to Switzerland. I had two suitcases for two years, though a part of me suspected I would stay much longer.

With one month’s notice to attend grad school, I scrambled to organize a student visa and find housing in Switzerland (not to mention, take a crash course in German).

It was all happening so fast, but I tried not to overthink things. Otherwise, I would never leave my comfort zone — and as we all know, this is where the magic happens.

People have asked me, “Why would you move from California to Switzerland?” and the answer is simple:


Santa Barbara, California © Jessica Fairchild Photography

I met my husband while studying in Santa Barbara, California. We found a common interest in travel, and together we set out to explore the United States.

Before long, it was time for him to return home to Switzerland. So we decided to give long distance a try.

Fast forward one year, and I was catching a one-way flight from San Francisco to Zurich.

So much has happened since I landed in Switzerland six years ago. It’s been a whirlwind adventure, from exploring inside glaciers

Rhône Glacier — Valais, Switzerland

…to scaling mountains in the Swiss Alps…

Stockhorn — Bern, Switzerland

…jumping through canyons in Interlaken…

Interlaken — Bern, Switzerland

…and improving my skiing abilities.

Jungfrau Ski Region Grindelwald — Männlichen, Switzerland

I learned to speak a new language, finished graduate school and jumpstarted my design career.

Now suddenly, I find myself on the path to becoming Swiss, which means I might one day live with dual nationality.

Whether in Switzerland or the United States, I plan to uphold Swiss traditions and values. Learning the local language and integrating into Swiss society is a lifelong journey, and I think it’s one worth writing about.

And so, Something Swiss was born.

Rütli Meadow — Uri, Switzerland

I thought, what better day to launch than Swiss National Day?

So follow along, because I can’t wait to show you…

Something Swiss.

This article was first published on Something Swiss by Christy Blum.

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