My 2016 Prediction: President Michael Bloomberg

This election cycle is weird. Donald Trump is leading the Republican field. A socialist is contending for the Democratic nomination. And now, there’s a possibility of a third party candidate.

I’m going a step further. I think Michael Bloomberg will be our next president, and here’s how:

In April 2016, Michael Bloomberg announces his candidacy after polls show abysmal favorability ratings for Trump and Clinton, who are the presumptive nominees of their parties. Heading into November, it’s unclear who is going to win — but it certainly isn’t Bloomberg. While he has support in the North East, he fails to gain traction anywhere else.

Three days after the election, the votes are counted and it’s clear: no candidate received 270 electoral votes. Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote, Donald Trump wins the most electoral votes.

Michael Bloomberg spoils the election.

So, the election goes to the House of Representatives.

To the American people, it appears as though Trump will be elected by Republican-controlled House. Each state’s delegation gets one vote, and there are more Republican states than Democratic states. Liberals are calling on the House to honor the popular vote and elect Hillary Clinton, while Conservatives are calling on the House to honor the electoral system and elect Donald Trump.

But behind the scenes, a different story is developing. A small coalition of Democratic leaders consider an alternative option: support Michael Bloomberg as a compromise candidate. They privately appeal to a small caucus of progressive Republicans in the House from states like Nevada and Pennsylvania . They ask the Republican members to abandon Trump — effectively saving the Republican party — and vote for Michael Bloomberg. A consensus is built, and a week before Thanksgiving, Michael Bloomberg is America’s President-elect.

On January 20th, 2017 Michael Bloomberg is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Bloomberg’s Vice President, elected by the Senate, is Governor Sarah Palin.

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