6 Collections That Will Let You Time Travel to The Future Of Work

Don’t you just want to take a peek into the future of work?

Well, today it is possible because we have released some cool collections on Somewhere (the visual sharing community for digital creatives).

Among them, you’ll find sneak peeks, career advice, and everything you need to know about the world of work, today and tomorrow.

Below I’ve listed our top choices. Enjoy!

Best Startup Advice

What better way to learn than learning with visuals?

This collection is full of startup frameworks and makeshift strategies of founders in the real world, who have shared their advice for the next wave of entrepreneurs, who are just starting their own startup projects.

Even just browsing through it might inspire you to start your own project and Do It Your Way, a fun challenge to take on.

Desks of the World

Everyone’s talking about transparency, but not everyone does it.

At Somewhere, everyone shares what they’re working on because our belief is that it spurs inspiration, collaboration, and community.

Desks of the World is what the title says — a collection of desks around the world, and if you browse around, you’ll notice some are in offices, some are makeshift cafe setups, and some are home desks.

World of Design

Design has been changing like everything else in the world of work. In fact, more and more disciplines transform with new trends, and each time that happens, the line between disciplines blurs.

So if you want to see what designers do and how they do it, check out the World of Design collection on Somewhere. Apart from that, there are collections for writers, marketers, developers, and so on.

All the magic happens backstage, and we want to show it to you.

Cools Apps

There are cool new apps coming out every day on Product Hunt. Can you even keep track? Well, in this collection the members of Somewhere have listed their favorite apps, and maybe you’ll find something useful there.

Like Clear, a beautiful to-do list app, the favorite of Austin Kleon.

Or Runkeeper, a workout app for daily walks and runs.

Apart from productivity apps, you can find collaboration tools and publications — anything a digital creative should know about.

Future of Work

Now we’re getting to it. We created the “future of work” collections because we want you to take a first row seat to the process of change: from how people work, what they do, and how diverse one’s team is, everything can be found in:

P.S. So many trends we can cover! Any in particular you want to see?

Quotes to Live and (Work) By

Inspiration doesn’t come around too often. And I’m talking about the true inspiration, the one that literally floods you with energy and motivation to continue on your chosen path and follow your dreams.

Sometimes it comes from Books, sometimes from People, and sometimes all you need it a wise Quote to get you going.

Even though just browsing through daily sparks on Somewhere should be enough to inspire you, we have curated the most inspiring quotes for those of you who want a quick fix.


Anything else we should collect? Let us know, and join Somewhere if you’d like to share your work and/or time travel some more.