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SONATA Token Upgrade

SONATA is now using the T-REX security token standard

Moving away from Polymath

From our interactions with our portfolio companies, various intermediaries, and investors, we have come to form the strong belief that the potential of tokenised securities will only be realised if there is a combination of good assets, adequate infrastructure, frictionless process, and critical mass in the marketplace. All of these factors rely on and feed each other to a certain extent, and they all require open, interoperable standards and tools.

Why T-REX?

Usage of T-REX allows for the issuance of security tokens and their subsequent transfer in a compliant way, with a particular focus on KYC and AML regulations.

The SONATA token swap is now complete

We have issued 100,000,000 SONATA from the new contract address to SONATA holders, and have burned all 100,000,000 SONATA from the old contract address.



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