News Flash — Men Shouldn’t Have Preferences

Yup, that’s right, and here’s why.

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3 min readMar 31, 2024


Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash

Don’t you hate men? Just be honest.

Most likely, if you’re a Medium writer or reader, you hate men. And I mean how could you not? Statistics clearly show that r*pe and domestic ab*se are done solely by men. Men are pigs! Most of them are incels, they stink, they’re ugly, and their weewee is small.

Argh, men are just the worst!

They don’t contribute to anything good in the society. We can even create life without them, so what’s the point of them being here?

If you think otherwise, you’re most likely a sexist, fascist, bigot, male chauvinist, your mother never loved you, you can’t have a girlfriend, and your breath probably stinks.

Statistically speaking men are pigs

Just look at the news! It’s true, men are prolonging this patriarchial nonsense every single day.

How you may ask? Well, by breathing obviously, duh.

Everything wrong with this world is due to men. Inequality in pay? Men’s fault. Violence, and discrimination? It’s all men. Sexism? We wouldn’t have sexism if men weren’t alive. Eating disorders, and body image issues? Well, it’s clearly men’s fault for liking all those pictures…