Donald Trump and his Wall

Donald Trump is still clinging to his proposal of building a wall that separates the United States and Mexico. His proposals which are the following “ending catch and release, zero tolerance for criminal aliens, block funding to Sanctuary Cities, cancel all previous executive orders on immigration, suspend issuance of Visas to any place where ideological tests cannot be performed, make nations take back their people, complete biometric entry exit visa tracking system, turn off jobs and benefits for those who are here illegally, reform legal immigration laws to ensure they serve America’s best interest first.” Zero tolerance is already in place for criminals. Ideological tests; sounds a lot like religious tests. The Supreme Court would almost certainly rule this unconstitutional. I am not sure how he would make nations take back people, more specifically perhaps Donald Trump is inching America closer to war. He claims he will force people to take back those who come to America and don’t have the appropriate paperwork; the only way one could possibly do this would be by force. I am not sure Trump is aware, but E-Verify is already in use, so undocumented immigrants are not obtaining benefits. Reforming immigration laws to make sure they work for the American people sounds like he has opened up the negotiations for a Dream Act, or immigration reform. Immigration Reform, which is something this nation desperately, needs, and most Americans approve of immigration reform.

What is most disgusting about these proposals is Donald Trump’s insistence on using the term illegal, there are no illegal human beings, and furthermore there are no illegal Americans. Donald Trump forgets that America was founded by immigrants and for immigrants. And that the man who founded the state of Pennsylvania fled Britain because of religious persecution, or today Donald Trump’s insistence on an ideological test for immigrants.

We must ensure that America remains great, and that means opposing the reckless candidacy of Donald Trump. Trump’s slogan was born out of white privilege, and furthermore his candidacy is one of privilege. If this was 2008 and now President Obama’s slogan was Make America Great Again he’d be called a racist and an angry black man. Donald Trump is allowed to get away with veiled bigotry disguised as patriotism simply because he is white. America must reject his bombastic style come November. We as a people are stronger together.

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