I’m the King of April Fool

A Song Parody of “Everybody Plays the Fool” by The Main Ingredient

Cindy Shore Smith
Mar 15 · 2 min read
Creative Commons

Oh no! the whole house is smokin’
Can’t get the front door open
Cryin, “I’m dyin!”
You’re not even thinkin I could be lyin’
Well, before you do anything rash, dig this

I’m the king of April Fool, so fine
I trick at home, I trick at school
Listen baby, a caramel onion may be cruel
Tastes sublime. Take a bite, you’re such a tool

Fooling my friends is such an easy thing to do
And here’s my guarantee that I’m gonna love
Making fun of you
Oh, oh, oh, big fake bugs you soon will see
You’ll turn on lights, I’ll laugh with glee
Your steering wheel I coat with lotion
You might end up in the ocean

I’m the best at April Fool’s, don’t whine
“Honk At Me” on your car’s rear is cool
Listen, baby, there’s an otter in your pool
I want to tell ya that
I’m the best at April Fool

How can I help it when you’re easy to betray?
And my ability to dupe you is child’s play
Oh, oh, oh, your dumb face is all I see
You just put salt in your herb tea
And now you curse but when you do
Know you’ll fall for it all next year too

Sucker, nitwit, numbskull, fool, you’re mine
Is your brain one molecule?
Listen baby, you have been to lots of schools
But I want to say
You’re no match for April Fool
Give it up, baby

Please forgive, I’ll treat you to lunchtime
I know a place that’s really cool
We’ll have burrito specialty, so fine
Too bad filling’s doggie stool
Listen, listen baby
You’re my favorite April Fool, all time
By far, dumber than a mule

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