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Submission Guidelines For Song Done Wrong

November 2019

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Song Done Wrong. Please save us all some time by reading and following the guidelines below before submitting.

Overall Guidelines

I want Song Done Wrong to be a fun place. A place to laugh and be entertained.

Don’t expect fame or fortune or big numbers. This is just silly fun.

The emphasis should be on lightheartedness and humor.

No angry political rants.

No “adult” humor or pornographic/erotic stories.

No personal attacks of real people (even if you think they deserve it.) (Of course, you are always free to make fun of yourself. In a lighthearted way.)

Silliness is the best strategy. Keep it fun.

Only one submission per day. Paul and I have to read them all before publishing, so have mercy on us.

Song Parodies

Follow overall guidelines above plus:

Subtitle your parody using this format:

A song parody of Song Title by Song Artist

Include a YouTube link to the song at the bottom of your parody.

Please format your song into verses and chorus (bridge, etc) using the shift-enter(return) key combination. A long double-spaced parody is hard to read. It’s a pain to do, I know. But it make the experience better for our readers. SDW editors will no longer do the work for you. We will simply reject unformatted parodies. Thank you.

Once your draft is ready following the guidelines above, send an email to: with a link to your draft story.

We only accept draft stories. No previously published stories.

If we think your story fits Song Done Wrong, we will make you a writer, and then you will be able to submit your story directly to the publication.






Celebrating music through song parody. With an emphasis on hilarity.

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