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Song of the Lark

Extreme Introversion Is A Blessing, Not A Curse

Brooke Cagle, via Unsplash (Unsplash License)

As someone who scored 100% on Introversion via the 16 Personalities Test, I’ve had my fair share of difficult experiences with fitting in, making more than three friends in a lifetime, and advocating for myself when I was being overlooked.

I didn’t always view my extreme introversion was a curse. Even though the family pediatrician said I was “abnormally shy for a child” and every…




Poetry, musings, and personal essays by Lark Morrigan

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Lark Morrigan

Lark Morrigan

Poet, essayist, sci-fi/fantasy writer, eclectic music junkie, & artist at heart. Lyrical soul.

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