Are you depressed? I don’t blame you.

You live in the land of bigotry, of materialism. The deep conditioning that this is what life is — get a job, work, contribute. But there is so much more in the human. So much beauty unseen when it is shadowed by this demand to become something, to work for society, to contribute to the whole. This is not the real whole. Your real whole is untouched, within you. Your awareness, your consciousness is not even scratched by this. Politicians, priests, they have done a number on you. Perhaps so much that you are not aware of it. If you were aware of it it would disappear. Meditation does not mean you are willing to accept this. Because this is not true. But awareness accepts everything and sees this system for its futility, it’s oppression of humanity. Of course you are depressed. You are depressed by this trick that has been played on you. That money would somehow fulfill you. That a job in this country would somehow make you whole. That being somebody would make you whole. But you are already whole, it is not something you earn. It is not an accolade. It is your nature. Society wants you to think you have to earn it. Religion wants you to think you have to earn it. Real religion is not asking for your contribution, saying you must do this and that and then someday you will be free. NO. It says as Jesus said “He who drinks from my mouth will become like me, and I will become like him, and the hidden things will be revealed to him.”