Life is a mystery to be enjoyed; not a problem to be solved.

Photo by Mohammed Hassan on Unsplash

The Egyptians, even, as we know them had a connection with nature that is profound. In their art, their music, their buildings, their expressions of vast creativity amounting to a deep appreciation of the mystery of life and an early connection with the cosmos.

To say that they were not advanced is to miss the point. A connection with nature, with an understanding of consciousness and all the many mysteries that play out before it in being human comes the greatest richness and expression of life in endless forms: art, technology, music, freedom. To me it is interesting that the Egyptians are often linked to a fascination with death but I think this is only one side of the picture. To have such an appreciation for death comes a deep appreciation for life and an endless fascination with it’s endless mysteries. And even still today their fascination with life has become our fascination with them. This is significant. The Egyptians embody that life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be enjoyed, celebrated, loved.

They stand as a testament and a reminder of the power of consciousness and awareness and deep appreciation for all things mysterious. Of course the Egyptians are truly mysterious to us now but I would say this is because even they were fascinated by life’s mystery to a deepened extent. This is the essence of religiousness in it’s truest word.

And here were are now trying to solve, solve, solve life in one way or many. Work to wealth, solve the issues, remap the political structures. In this daydream the reality dream is lost. The reality of our awareness, pure like the stars in the sky and the Ka, and it’s enactment on the world. The pyramid is the perfect form to show this. The pinnacle is highest plane in Kundalini but would not be complete without all below it. And it sees all below it from above; though it knows perfectly the below on which it rises.

There are even studies now relating to how the pyramids generate a perfect electromagnetic field inside their chambers. There are theories and propositions relating to the carvings found in the Temple of Dendera that seem to resemble electric lights. Whether or not the Egyptians possessed technology and an understanding of electric phenomenon is not the point either; though it may be true. It shows a deep understanding of their own consciousness and phenomenon although possibly exemplified by a certain few who discovered and held sacred the many adept creations and explorations the Egyptians brought into being.

Photo by Roxxie Blackham on Unsplash

Life is a mystery to be enjoyed; not a problem to be solved.

There is nothing to solve, nothing to become. Nothing to unfold but this understanding as the peak of the pyramid which sees all below it and knows it entirety.

The blue lotus blooms in the mud. The great white mystery unfolds in Orion and Sirius.

To become one with the river and ride along the banks. To watch the world pass before your eyes and see the sun rise and fall with the waters.

There is a mystery here within us and around us. The mystery is the same.

Awareness is the light that reveals the darkness. And paints on its walls the stories and metaphors we pass to the heavens and to each underneath them. They commune with the stars and the blank slate. It is a mystery which is poetry. But it is more than poetry when it is seen.

If meditation is not for you, forget it. If consciousness is not for you, forget it. If yoga is not for you, forget it. If the Bible is not for you, forget it. If anything is not for you, forget it. But when all is emptied you will see that life is not a knowledge, a problem to be solved, but is a great mystery to be enjoyed.

Photo by 周 辰曦 on Unsplash