Money is a quantity; life is priceless

There is no reason to spend an inch of your life worrying or wondering about money. It is a quantity. Life is unquantifiable. Life is vast and unlimited; the scope of which is a mystery. But when it is framed by an amount the whole mystery is lost. There is nothing which can be purchased, truly, that is not already there. The moon is a metaphor, not a piece of matter to be bought and sold. And even if it is sold it will still remain and mystery.

You can go on chasing, seeking money, seeking a peace of mind, security, whatever it may be. But it will never be enough until this is realized. And this is the kingdom of love. This is the kingdom which is within you. It is more than any kingdom which has been built. It is more than anything can measure. To trade the immeasurable for a measure is impossible. But if you go on thinking this way no amount will fill that empty cup of awareness which reaches into the infinite mystery around you. You have only to see it, to wake up, to reveal and unfold the priceless.

An artist in this way is certainly a rebel. To risk life’s quantities for something intangible is the essence of celebrating life; of poetry. But even a little further when all the tangible melts into the mystery then it is revealed that there is nothing which can fill it. This is the greatest art-form; to reveal the mystery of life and unfold what you have thought it already was in a finite way. Awareness, great awareness is needed. You have it. But you must awaken to it maybe. Because habits and ideas may stand in the way of a mystery and think it solved, you suffer. See to it that you see what is really there and all will be revealed.