The mysteries of Egypt; the mysteries of life.

The pyramids with gilded capstones alight in the sun

Endless speculation and research and archaeology into the ancient lands. But science cannot conclude the spirit. It can hear it like a whisper throughout the ages and especially from Egypt; a place where many things have come and other things have been lost.

To me one of the greatest transitions in human history that is often overlooked was the transition and change from the deep communion with nature so celebrated and revealed in the ancient Egyptians and their celebration of art and creativity that reach us through epochs of time.

Of course this is not isolated as ancient China and many other ancient civilizations had an abundant connection with the world around them that is observable as what we now refer mainly to as “Old religions”. From these religions came Abrahamic religions which focus less on nature to a great extent but to specific messengers of god and the words and deeds of man and society. And so we peer back in time or look to meditation and ancient forces to reveal us back to our primordial selves; selves, that, although shaped by the growth of civilization we know today, still exist and live with the same innate potential for a communion with our nature and the nature around us.

The Inventory Stela

There is especially great significance in this revealed in the Old Kingdom of Egypt which is often shrouded in more mystery than the Middle or New kingdoms which are more familiar to us in the images of King Tut and many objects and reliefs attributed to those periods. The Old Kingdom was more noticeably a time where women had more significant place and where stability and economic prosperity is more widely accepted to have existed.

The Egyptians link to forces of nature on a deeply spiritual and truly religious extent is not hard to understand. When surrounded by the forces you revere and respect as gods and mystery, life becomes something else. Of course there are things you do not understand around you and forces unseen, but they are qualities of what life is made of and qualities of what you are made of. This understanding is significant. As times progressed into more societal and singular religious understandings of God as a singular force, and messengers as bearing and communicating this God, life began to have more hierarchy. But when the gods and forces are all around you always life has a different quality.

From this basis and understanding of consciousness of nature and ones self I feel is most seen in the Old Kingdom of Egypt I have formed a basis of thinking that the Ancient Egyptians have been wholly misunderstood in many ways and in this misunderstanding we have also misunderstood ourselves. Or perhaps we have misunderstood ourselves and life entirely in the appreciation of it’s mystery and projected that even to the past and even to the studies of ancient peoples. Of course scientific methods are meant to remove these perceptions by basis of fact, but in doing so, you may blur the spiritual nature and communion from which all these artifacts and great structures derived.

The Inventory Stela above, unearthed near the Great Sphynx, describes a very interesting set of events. Firstly it describes the age of the Sphynx as being older than the pyramids as well as other hotly debated things. It also talks about lightning striking the Sphynx and seems to illuminate something which I feel has been missed in the deep understanding and spiritual communion the Egyptians had to nature. This lightning is important. It sets the stage for what I believe to be a great misunderstanding of the Ancient Egyptians and their incredible consciousness of forces both seen and unseen.

Catfish Chisel, the first Pharaoh of Egypt

Narmer, or “Catfish Chisel” in hieroglyphs, was the first known pharaoh of Egypt. His name is certainly curious. Why would such a significant figure be embodied by a fish and chisel when instead he could be embodied by the Gods of Old or something more glamorous. To me this is a connection which, at Egypt’s very inception, illuminates something we have missed. The Egyptian catfish as depicted in this Serekh of Narmer’s name is actually something quite powerful.

Malapteruridae (Nile River Electric Catfish)

This catfish is an electric catfish capable of delivering, as an adult, 300 to 500 volts of electricity to anything it sees fit to stun possibly including an adult human. It is curious that something possessing electricity would be symbolized in the first known pharaoh next to something we know to be potentially conductive; a chisel. From what is generally accepted by Egyptology, chisels in the Old Kingdom were often made of copper. Some debate this stating that the reliefs and other hard stones would have been impossible to carve using copper chisels and copper dulls very easily. There is much mystery here.

From here we also know that the Egyptians sometimes mummified these catfish and even used them and their shock to treat and heal ailments like arthritis. Many of the physicians of the Old Kingdom were women and there is even evidence of entire schools for women to learn these medical practices. I find this all very interesting and very encompassing of the possibility that the ancient Egyptians knew of and held sacred a distinct form of energy we now know as electricity.

King Unas

From here, in the Pyramid Texts of Unas also tell of some interesting things. They describe in the Utterances much talk of lightning and the lord of the heavens and the lord of the night. They describe lightning and flashes and even a fiery snake bringing life to the dead inscribed in the very walls where Unas was laid to rest. The Pyramid texts are the oldest known complete Egyptian religious texts from which many other well known texts were derived and elaborated. This imagery of lightning and of forces bringing the dead back to life paints an understanding of nature that connects deeply to the medicinal and powerful uses of the catfish and it’s electricity and that of the sky and it’s power to bring the dead lands back to life. I feel and see the possibility again that the Egyptians had a connection with lightning and electricity as vehicles of power and Resurrection as embodied by the storm healing the lands and the catfish healing the person and the spirit. There is even a passage in the Pyramid Texts which describes a wire:

Utterance 268, 373:

“When Egypt lighted and he opens the face of the gods.

He takes the Ka of this Unas as well as himself to the Great Castle

after courts have been traveled through [lightning?] by him and the ‘wire’ has been attached for him.”

Now of course this could be a bit far to reach for some. But what if this understanding of electricity was again, not the technology and science we know today but a sacred phenomenon connected with the stars and the Resurrection of life in a dead land by the rains and lightning that come. It is not hard to understand that seeing a storm bring water and reign bolts down upon the earth would be an incredible spiritual force. Possibly the electricity and tools they had for it would have been deeply sacred relating to the very process of mummification or funerary cults or even the Pharaohs ceremonies of preservation while still living and preparation to join the heavens.

Capstone of a pyramid

Recent research may suggest this as possible and evident. Researches looking to model pyramids in nano particles for solar cells recently found that the Great Pyramids structure is able to focus electromagnetic energy into it’s chambers in a somewhat curious phenomenon. While in their current state; without a capstone, without the Nile nearby or the aquifer they once rested on, or the blocks that once made them completely smooth on all sides, it is hard to image or reconstruct the possible mechanics of the pyramids in their glory days, we can see that even now they have remarkable electrical and electromagnetic effects. Imagine a giant pyramid with a massive gilded, or potentially solid gold or electrum capstone on it’s top. It is hard to imagine that it would not have been struck by lightning.

Perhaps the Pharaoh rested inside the pyramid at times of storm as part of a ceremony to prolong life. Or perhaps the lightning would be thought to bring the Pharaoh back to life. Who knows what kind of electrical phenomenon this pyramid could have produced in its time.

Who knows what the Egyptians may have revealed about electricity in their time and how they may have used it as sacred.

Even further into the reaches of the impossible being possible there is a curious relief in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera that has been widely dismissed and interpreted and even suggested to be a depiction of an Ancient Egyptian lightbulb.

Curiously in the defense of those who interpret it this way, it does resemble a simple Crooke’s tube, a Leyden Jar is not a complicated instrument in general, and the chamber in which is was created is not known to contain any of the soot that is found in other chambers of the temple attributed directly to oil lamps or torches that would have been used.

Although I am not outright suggesting it is a depiction of a lamp it is truly curious and not impossible. Regardless it is more mechanical looking than many Egyptian reliefs that depict scenes of gods or the glories of Pharaohs.

Also curious is the wire as I mentioned before and the snake that emanates from it; both things mentioned in the Pyramid texts of Unas ( a fiery snake, and a wire). The air god is also present in this depiction as well as a blue lotus, the djed pillar, and the hands resembling the Ka or horns of a bull. The bull is also mentioned heavily in the pyramid texts and associated with lightning and the revival of the dead. We now know today that cattle allowed to graze in a natural way actually can help bring deserts back to life. Just looking at this relief from an interpreted symbolism does not discount the possibility it does depict something electrically possible and sacred. It is found in a sacred chamber of the Temple of Hathor and would have presumably always been dark. Also interesting is how the figures mainly appear below it, and the djed pillar and Ka seem to be supporting it while the apparent wielder of this is facing towards a deity of the underworld; the darkness with two knives. Life is facing death. And below life the djed pillar and Ka rise to the heavens. The god of air stands between the heavens and the earth and brings the lightning into existence as a storm like a fiery snake. Truly this relief is something else; no matter how you see it.

I would also add to the possibility of the Pyramids being something much more sacred and often used than merely a tomb. The Egyptians deep communion with nature would require it. Though of course death was sacred and prepared for, the amount of time in life Pharaohs prepared for death suggests that its not impossible the Pyramid served a much greater purpose in life than simply the place of burial upon death and a reliquary for all the goods needed to carry on in the afterlife.

Still to this day we speculate on how the pyramids were built and what exactly they were for in many ways or even what the shafts and chambers were truly about.They have a very strange design that seems to suggest something much more than just a tomb. Curious is how the pyramids contain no markings on their walls despite their obviously massive importance; save for one piece of graffiti at the top the King’s Chamber so called “supporting structures” denoting Khufu in red, rough writing.

Kings Chamber

These supporting structures are also interesting. Many say they were to relieve the weight above but this doesn’t seem to add up. Their close resemblance to the djed pillar is interesting. Perhaps they, too, were connected to phenomenon and ceremonies relating to bringing the lifeless to new life.

In all, these mysteries are stunning and deep. We often look at technology and high-science as something in the scope of our current vast advances throughout ages and history as a progression and evolution to here and now. But something is amiss in that when you see the possibility of its origin as a deep communion with nature and the mysterious forces of life. It is evident to me that the Egyptians had this deep connection and it propelled them into higher reaches and higher states of being. But the difference between understanding how to build and of direct phenomenon is noticeably different. So these phenomenon were sacred, and still are now if we remember. If we can look back in time to our origins such as these we can dive into the unknown of life and commune with the mystery that surrounds us. I feel the Egyptians had this deep connection and it was not only ceremonial or architectural but unified both real technology they possessed with a great understanding of hidden forces and energies of the spirit and of the world that culminate into what we now see as one of the most incredible civilizations to have ever existed. And in this way, they are still with us now. Because we are on this same earth also; and the great mystery of life unfolds. Let us commune with it and not miss our true center as consciousness in the river of the Milky Way.

Alexander the Great and Min

(This article is surely not complete. More will be added as more progresses)