The top of the pyramid sees all that allows it to stand.

The mind, the body, the changes, the movements. The top of the pyramid is the awareness. IT sees that is is not the body, not the mind, not the ego, none of this. Because it sees them; it is not them. Can you see awareness? Or do you see this question? Awareness sees the question. And it dissolves. Awareness sees the ego; and it dissolves. Awareness sees the body and it is not you. Awareness sees the mind and it is no more. Of course the body, the mind, may go on humming, but the more they are seen, the more it is understood that these are not you. The more it is seen these are just waves and seasons that go on like clouds passing in the sky. It is true also that any thought also has some place in the body. Any pain may have some thought. The body, the mind, these are not separate things. These are holding hands. So do not forget one or the other. Simply witness all that passes through the empty sky. We are not the body-mind we are not the mind-body. We are not a static thing; we are always a flow of the river. But to see the river from the banks is different than to be in it getting carried off by its current! Stay at the banks and watch the water flow and you will know.