Words do not carry any weight of their own.

Words like consciousness, awareness, enlightenment, buddha, so on and on throughout time and endlessly put before you as different statements with different meanings and connotations and denotations and what does it all mean. The words do not matter. The experience is what matters. The experience that is understood is what matters. From this the words come. Anyone can say words, anyone can figure out their meaning by a definition. But there is a reason they have been used. There is a reason they have been incorporated into language. So awareness is not a word but the experience. And especially with words like love, awareness, consciousness many ideas you may have will surround them. Many ideas will swell and sway to their presence or usage or who is using them. But there is awareness which is silent, which has no words, which is the experience of awareness well beyond any concept or idea put together in any context. It is noticeable that these words are often linked to “eastern” ideas. But this is well beyond the point. The word predominately in the Western world is consciousness relating to the psychological condition of being alive. But what is not seen is that being awake and being asleep still have consciousness of some kind. In the east this is the difference, at least at it’s core, that being asleep and being awake in terms of consciousness or awareness are very different things. You can be asleep while awake. Freud and Jung were very interested in consciousness as it relates to sleep. And in a sense what they discovered is true. But to not see the quality of something and to merely observe the quantity are very different things. Psychology operates in a world of analysis. Consciousness and life and meditation exist in a world of awareness. But awareness also of the mind that analyzes, thinks, computes. To accept the phenomenon of something is against science in a way as the struggle for an answer is the whole point. To derive something you can present as fact is the whole point. But if consciousness is not a fact, then what else is? Awareness may be the utmost fact. But it is the deepest mystery. Psychology and science cannot accept that life is a mystery. But of course there is nothing wrong with being fascinated. There is nothing wrong in peering outward and trying to find an answer. But when questions dissolve, when awareness is, when the mind is no more this great burden of questions needing answers, then you have truly understood. Then you have really entered into the hidden door that all the instruments and knowledge of science cannot open.

When I have said this before sometimes people have interpreted that I am somehow again science and speaking out against it. But I couldn’t be more for science and technology. The deeper you peer into something, the deeper the mystery is revealed. The trouble is simply that this has no end if analysis is your approach. But to be aware of existence is to be fully aware of yourself. To be fully aware of your body, your mind and to see that you are not a body, not this mind, not this person you have identified, is the greatest scientific discovery that can be made. Because it is a discovery that is original. It is original to your consciousness, your existence, your experience. There is a quote by Aldous Huxley where he said “There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”. And he is right in a way. I would say that you don’t need to improve yourself but simply see your true nature; what you really are. But here even a renowned scientific mind has recognized that there is something significant about your own “corner of the universe”.