Swing Kids, Swing Heil!

In 1930’ and early 1940’s Germany, Swingjugend (Swing Youth or Swing Kids) was an adolescent movement that evolved from a group of young swing music lovers into a non-violent refusal of the Nazi ideology, without creating any organized political opposition. Swing Kids is a 1993 American movie by Thomas Carter, quite history-based. Swing Kids were a quirky experimental post-hardcore-screamo short-lived band during mid 90’s in San Diego, California. Founder vocalist Justin Pearson, and owner of Three-One-G independent record label that boasts an awesome roster, will then play bass in other weird bands, such as The Locust and Some Girls
Joy Division fans, Swing Kids recorded a pretty fast cover of Warsaw…. 3, 5, 0, 1, 2, 5, Go!

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