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The Lifelong Quest of The Magpie Magister

There is once a Magpie who were born in The Kingdom but has never been stay for a day since he found his calling, not even at the dearly-awaited Flocking Festival.

Born with warbling curiosity, he has long committed himself to find, study, and create the best song he could have his virtuosity on. As the second bird who are able to dabble in The Magistery, he has a unique ability to bend, strum, and fiddle with the principle of nature to transmute chord, timbre, tone, and waveform, both in high and low fidelity, at his will. Thus he can use his Clarinet of Clarity to mimic almost all variety of calls, chirps, carols, many of which are complex, and compose them and creating sounds nobody heard before. He stores all his findings and creations in Compendiums stored in his pocket dimension, which can only be heard by those he chooses.

Although it’s hard to know his whereabout, he is never once failed to help. If you ever wonder how to contact him, just rephrase this song, “Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle, waddle giggle gargle paddle poodle.” only if he then hear you, his jet black feather and blue-streaked wings will stream the sky immediately to you. Many have heard his presence, but until now, only few manages to meet him physically.




A community of songwriters and storytellers orchestrating harmonies to embrace anxieties with sincere creativity and productivity.

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Ryandi Pratama

Ryandi Pratama

I love making things and making love thinks.

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