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What is the purpose of Songperday?

To turn our anxiety into a good use; to entertain who needs to be entertained, to express what needs to be expressed, to be okay for not being okay.

We feel lonely all the time. We have names on our contact list. We can easily found sexual partner. There are apps to find anybody on earth to do anything.

We feel we are not productive enough. We want to be as talented as those we adore but hardly found the courage to start trying.

We are anxious of what news has to offer; COVID-19, Flood, War, Famine, Election, whatever the hell they want us to consume.

We need to cuddle. We need to feel loved. We can found pleasure but feel like no one can give us comfort we need.

We need to communicate. We need to feel wanted. We can found fans, followers, and strangers online but feel like no one can give us the acceptance for who we really are.

We are broken. Our past is not as glittery as we want it to be. Our presence is full of ups and downs. Our future is worrisome.

We are silent. We don’t how to channel those bottled up emotions because they are all wrapped in insecurities of being rejected. Or hated.

We are flawed. We are depressed. We are not enough even for ourselves.

We are all just a modern human. We are born anxious.

Songperday is just a way to turn that very anxiety we always seem to have into a song.

To sing it out loud. Everyday for a week, or a month.

To give ourselves a chance, celebrating our anxiety in the unsafe place called the internet, together.

We are in this together. We are under the same hashtag for at least a month, thirty days.

We got each other’s back.

We are all just an amateur human being, afterall.




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