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A Love Story in Five Minutes

Does anyone really forget a first love?

I started smoking at sixteen to look cool to my friends. I quit more than fifty years later. This song by Gretchen Peters tells the story not only of my addiction to cigarettes, but the story of my first love. The song combines thinking about a long-ago love while enjoying that one cigarette you might have time for in a shift. I wouldn’t have described myself as Juliet, but he was Romeo to me.

I’ve got five minutes, to sneak a cigarette
Five minutes to myself
Back behind the screen door of…




The songs we listen to change us. They shape how we feel and what we do. Let’s share stories of how songs shape our world. Let’s share the experience.

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Jody Pineholm

Jody Pineholm

I’ve learned a few things. Reading is a great teacher, song lyrics rule, and poverty’s a bitch.

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