A Marbin Kind of Day

‘Shreddin’ at Sweetwater’ thrashes the bullshit into oblivion

Carol Banks Weber
Feb 27 · 3 min read
Marbin gets satisfaction in their second live album. “Shreddin’ at Sweetwater” is a sampling of some of their best, “recorded live for a streaming show at Sweetwater Studios” — hence the name — released Feb. 5, 2021.

“Since Danny Markovitch and I met in 2007, we never went such a long time without playing shows. So when the opportunity to record a live set for Sweetwater Studios came about, we were ecstatic. It might have been eight months since we saw each other, but the second we started playing, the magic was there and it felt like everything was normal in the world again.” — Marbin guitarist Dani Rabin, Bandcamp

arbin’s second live album, Shreddin’ at Sweetwater, is just the kind of music you crank up after one of those “got out of the wrong side of the bed” days, where you want to put your head through a wall, preferably concrete.

Well, today’s that day, guys. Thanks for the save.

The Chicago-based Israeli duo — saxophonist Danny Markovitch and guitarist Dani Rabin, armed with a sick, relentless rhythm section (bassist Jon Nadel and drummer Everette Benton Jr.) that just won’t quit — slays all your dragons for you with rollicking, vicious, square-toned madness from “Messy Mark’s” first track to “Splaw’s” wind-up on the 10th back-end.

Markovitch and Rabin anchor the raucous, rowdy good time with equal parts Middle-Eastern flavor (sweet, summer squawl) and all-American dirty rock ‘n blues, alternating between grinding metal and Jimi Hendrix’s tender-throated squeezebox.

“Messy Mark” and “Splaw” are two different animals, showing off the duo’s many musical influences, styles, and that insane ability to go full-throttle then hold back, dripping uzis on acid, dipped in diamonds.

Yet, both sides of the track ride on a burlesque riff, twisting away into psychedelic, thrilling aural peep shows.

That broad range and those impossible successions are what set Marbin apart…men from boys.

Reverse the order for once. Dig into the finale first to fully appreciate each band member’s depth and breadth through killer solos that separate and entangle in a Gordian knot, emitting sparks of their own…from Markovitch’s transformative Saran Wrap of rapid-fire tone, texture, and timing, hitting every mark like a sharpshooter, to Rabin’s resplendent dance with bluesy breathlessness and progressive rock/jazz aggression, to Benton’s burning molecular drum solo, catching fireflies on the Fourth of July.

“We always play new songs at our shows, so to have an opportunity to go back and revisit some songs we haven’t played in years was an awesome experience, and I’m certain that our fans will love hearing the new perspective we brought to some of their old favorites.” — Marbin sax maestro Danny Markovitch, Bandcamp

Everything else in between falls along those same fiery, ferocious lines…your best rave on steroids, all ages welcome.

You never quite know where you are in Marbin’s glorious mess. Perhaps an Eastern Polish bar mitzvah visited by Eddie Van Halen (“Whiskey Chaser”), a Blues Brothers reunion of a surprisingly poignant sort in “Escape From Hippie Mountain,” “Electric Zombieland” on Disney’s next ride — up in Mars somewhere, the magnetic rush of “Arkansas Jumper,” a different high altogether.

Wherever you go, you’ll soon forget all your troubles, and really, that’s the whole fuckin’ point, right?

Marbin gets it. So, get their 11th album in the collection with your G.I. Joe's and your lapidary. Until they can get back up on stage at a venue near you, this’ll do nicely.

Artist quotes from Marbin Bandcamp page.


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