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Down By Law

Four minutes to fall in love with two artists

There are some questions that one must answer.

Like the one in Squeeze the Avocado’s prompt: What are some tv-series or movies that got stuck in your mind thanks to their soundtracks and music scores?

After 30 years without a TV, I must answer with a movie. And that’s Jim Jarmusch’s Down By Law.

The opening scene is led by the hand by Tom Waits’ song Jockey Full Of Bourbon and it pans left to right, right to left, and again left to right, to connect two of…




The songs we listen to change us. They shape how we feel and what we do. Let’s share stories of how songs shape our world. Let’s share the experience.

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Fabio Turel

Fabio Turel

A Project Manager must be a good storyteller. Stories about my profession, my interests and my passions converge in this place.

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