Danish musician and producer Njordlyd Shares Songwriting Secrets

I wish I had the confidence to trust what I hear good or bad

1. What do you wish you knew when you started?

If related to music in general, I would say how to use my ears and listen to what I am doing. Something I learned from my good friend Trevor in 2013–2014. He always said, “trust your ears”, trust what you hear (good or bad). I wish I had had more confidence in myself and able to trust my ears when I started. If related to the track itself, I would have liked to know how to visualize the track, making the process less stressful.

2. Name one artist who influenced your music and how their music affected you’re becoming a musician.

I find it difficult to mention one artist, as I find more artists inspiring, and I believe that inspiration from more artists is healthy. My interest in music began when I started listening to Depeche mode in the mid 80s. However, the trance and techno scene in the early 90s is what inspired me to make music. For the music, I am making as Njordlyd (since 2015), many different artists also inspire me. But to be fair to the question, Burial and The Future Sound of London are probably the two most influential artists for my inspiration. The ones I turn to when in need of inspiration. Burial for his anonymous presence and sampled-based way of working. The Future Sound of London for their unique sound, soundscapes, layers, and details.

3. What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome, and how did you get past it?

If the question is related to music in general, it was to share my music with others. It was very scary for me to share my first ep (silent echoes) with others, but I had to, as I am doing all by myself, and I believe input is needed to not get blind and test what I am working on.

If it is related to the track itself, in the middle of completing the track, a second lockdown (COVID-19) was announced. As the kids were home from school during the entire lockdown (around 10 weeks), keeping the process alive (when possible) and doing something when possible, which was limited due to lack of energy. What did help was to focus on other parts of the music e.g. the story behind it, cover, etc, smaller things that could be done here and there, and in between.

Njordlyd is a Danish musician and producer of thoughtful and mellow musical landscapes, organic compositions, and harmonies, combined with experimental rhythms and microsounds.


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